Is the Kalloy Uno stem the holy grail of WW?

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by Rudi

The old saying was "light, strong, cheap - pick two".

Just wondering what else comes close to being up there on the trinity?

Is there a better item out there that is universally liked on this forum?
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by Weenie

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by Orbital

I just wish it was available in a -10 or -12. I loved mine but just couldn’t get over the aesthetic of the -6 not being parallel with my top tube.

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by 1415chris

Kalloy Uno is not cheap by any means, it is ridiculously cheap :)

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by pdlpsher1

Yeah. It's the best bargain out there. But perhaps even the more expensive stems are as cheap as the Uno at OEM prices. We just get lucky to be able to my the Uno at the OEM price.

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by Miles253

Where is the best place to buy these? I’ve seen them on eBay in the UK, but not THAT cheap.

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by PokojniToza

My LBS sells TEC branded stems, but I believe they are just rebranded UNOs.

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by oldturd

Miles253 wrote:
Sat Mar 30, 2019 10:31 pm
Where is the best place to buy these? I’ve seen them on eBay in the UK, but not THAT cheap.

Look up UNO 7 on ebay - should be the same except with gfx ... 3027042220

$24 USD on my computer!

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by nickf

Bontrager Pro alloy stem is $114 and 100mm comes in at 132g. Uno is $24 and sub 110g for the 100mm. Added ti bolts and your sub 100g. No beating it for the price.

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by mcfarton

The bontrager pro is over priced, but with the blender stuff the weight can get pretty low. I got one and lost the 70 gram k edge mount and my overall weight went down.

I did get my stem from eBay for 40 as a new take off. But I was disappointed with its weight.

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by LouisN

One of the very few WW part I can afford.
I actually have all the Uno stems in 7 deg. from 70 mm to 130 mm, and almost all of them in 17 deg.
Also have a few 6 deg. ones, and 6061 alloy 35 deg. ones (95 mm and 105 mm).
I'm able to fit my growing teenagers on their bikes pretty well, and without excess weight :) .

Louis :)

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by bilwit

Since when was being affordable a critical pillar of WWism? The Kalloy Uno is definitely a staple/go-to but I wouldn't call it "the holy grail" in the same way LW Meilensteins are to wheels or perhaps Berks are to saddles..

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by Rudi

I guess what I was kind of getting at wasn't necessarily to highlight that product because it was affordable, more what else fits in terms of it being (generally) universally liked on WW, like Berk.

But not everyone can afford Berk or Lightweights so I guess what I was thinking off was what is/are the most generic WW parts, rather than the top end $ stuff that some of us can only aspire to.
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by velov

Has anyone noticed a difference in vibrations/ride quality when switching to/from Uno? I'm thinking about getting one for a Merckx Scandium frame but don't want to add any more harshness to the ride (already run low psi).

by Weenie

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