Torque wrench options

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by AJS914

I've always done torque by hand. I have a good feel for it, always have. Even before the days of carbon bikes, I always had club mates who were ham fisted and could strip a bolt by just looking at it.

I bought a 5nm torque key a while back and after trying it, I felt that 5nm was too tight for my tastes on stem and handlbars. Most torque values are max values so just tight enough to do the job but not exceeding the max torque is where you want to be.

I keep meaning to buy a proper torque wrench but never get around to it.

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by MrMagura

Pb Swiss makes some pretty nice torque wrenches, with digital preset, and proper precision.
They can be had for someting to the tune of 150-200€, which makes them pretty hard to beat, for realiability and precision per €.
I've also been in mechanincs a fair bit of my life, and yes, one can go by feel in many cases, but as soon as carbon parts are involved, the vindow of proper torque, is getting very narrow, and there I have so far seen nobody, who was able to be within by feel.
Titanium is another material where the window is very narrow.
Clamping light alloy bars by feel is also risky business.

by Weenie

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