Any cycle shops in Melbourne worth visiting?

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by ak47


I'll be in Australia in 2 months time. A lot will be happening during this 3 weeks holidays, but I was wondering if there are any cycling shops in Melbourne worth visiting? I'll be in Melbourne and in Sydney too, but since Sydney will be a short trip I think it would be better to spend time in Sydney doing something else and visit some nice cycling shop while I'm in Melbourne where I will be based during this trip. I am looking for a nice place with coffee shop where I can take a look at some nice high-end road bikes.

by Weenie

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by cristianx

Definitely check out Bike Gallery!

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+1 for Bike Gallery

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by robertbb

Welcome to Melbourne! If you get a chance to ride, post in this thread and we can recommend some of the better routes 'round here.

In terms of shops, definitely check out Shifter Bikes!

Just take Dan himself with a bit of a grain of salt - he can rub (sensitive) people up the wrong way. And if you have an aversion to tattoos, avoid! ... 44.9955148 ... CnoECAYQBg

There's a few other retro joints around, mostly in the inner South East, but the names escape me at the minute. Maybe some other locals will chime in.
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by ryanw

JLBSLR wrote:
Tue Jan 08, 2019 6:12 am
+1 for Bike Gallery

100%. They do great coffee too. :thumbup:
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by NickJHP

Commuter Cycles in Brunswick for touring/gravel/adventure type stuff.

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by grover

412 Heidelberg Road Fairfield is a joint hub for

Bikes by Steve

Might be worth a visit

by Weenie

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