Do you name your bike(s)?

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by PokojniToza

This morning, reading about Mourinho's sacking I've realized, much to my dissapointment, that Jose would be a suitable name for my bike, so I wondered how many of you name your bikes? Also, is it a he or a she for you?

I used to call my Sempre Priscilla.

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by themidge

I'd never give a bike a person's name, since it already has a brand and model name. However, if the brand of the bike is a frame builder's name for instance...

"Honey, I'll be back for tea, I'm off to ride Jack Taylor"

by Weenie

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by robertbb

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday....

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by Mep

I give mine a custom paintjob and a matching name, then a printed decal with the name for her tramp stamp.

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by moonoi

No, and it's a bike, not a he or a she

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by AJS914


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by gravity

I cringed everytime i see someone refers their bike as a “she”. But i have also been told not to take live too seriously... so i guess calling ur bike as a she is fine too

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by NickJHP

Only my Surly LHT tourer has a name. I call it "the slug", both because of its colour (olive green) and because of the lower average speed when riding it. I spent the month of September touring in central Europe, and when I look at the average speed reported by month on Garmin Connect, it's more than 5kph slower for September than for any other month of the year.

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by Orbital

I only gave them names on Strava because it has that option. The Cannondale is the Super Sick. The BMC is the Swiss Miss. The other bike is Garbage Bike.

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by FIJIGabe

I have names for most of my bikes, but they're mostly named on their looks.

Madone 9 - Oxcart (in homage to the A-12)
Madone 5 - The Hulk (it's big and green)
Madone 4 - Mr. 305/Mr. Worldwide (it lives in Miami, thus the Pitbull reference)
Crockett - Tubbs (it's bright colors are reminiscent of Miami Vice)

I don't have a name for my Cobia, however.
Madone 9 -
Emonda SLR -
Crockett -

Madone 5, Cobia. I own a lot of Treks.

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by spdntrxi

Orbital wrote:
Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:27 pm
I only gave them names on Strava because it has that option. The Cannondale is the Super Sick. The BMC is the Swiss Miss. The other bike is Garbage Bike.

trainer queen = obvious
groad - obvious
hot tub - it's a BMC time machine

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by peted76

No I don't name my bikes, but when they go in for repair or adjustements... I feel a mild panic and sympathise with Gollum.. My Precioussss.

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by dgasmd

I don’t, but I have 2 sons and they name anything that moves or can be ridden. So, they made me name them. See my signature for names.

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by rajMAN


by Weenie

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by ak47

No. Just no...

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