Ripped hole in winter tights - how would you fix them?

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by Shrike

Stretchy, sporty material, so not sure if a tailor could/should handle it. They're new so don't want to trash them over a one inch rip over the knee. Also thinking if a tailor just sewed it back up, then maybe the stitch would rub and irritate my knee. Ideas?

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by mattr

Depends where you are, but we had a local seamstress who was up for repairing sports gear, adjusting skin suits etc.

Wasn't expensive either.
A quick google and a few phone calls might help.

by Weenie

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by kgt

I had a hole on my $50 Assos gloves after a silly accident and a local cycling clothing manufacturer found it impossible to fix it. The seamstress just across the street fixed it in a few minutes.

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by Shrike

Interesting! Sent out a bunch of emails with photos last night and called a few local places. Had two locally said they could do it, one of which explained in detail that they'd patch it underneath and sew it visibly over the top. Searching for sportswear repair places doesn't come up with much funnily enough.

Anyway dropped them off just now so will see how it turns out. Will stick a pic up :)

About gloves, the missus tore her Rapha mitts and Rapha declined the repair. Sent her a discount voucher instead. Maybe glove repairs are notorious for people complaining about seams irritating them.. /shrug

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by RTW

If the product was an ASSOS pair of tights, you should contact us. We will always try to make a repair if economic to do so.

On the topic of gloves, they are notoriously difficult to make. The intricate seams around the fingers and the tiny amount of material available around the fingers means there is very little margin for error. They are also all hand stitched. If a single stitch is missed, the hand which is very dynamic will open it up within a short time.
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by Shrike

Thanks RTW but they're not Assos :)

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by IchDien

I had the same in a pair of Castelli tights after crashing. My tailor just stitched a small circular cotton badge over the hole, effectively closing the hole and not really damaging the material. Cost about €3.

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by Shrike

Getting stroked for £10 here!

by Weenie

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by RZack89

It is very difficult to fix and sew these kind of materials, you have to use special sewing machines. The last winter I converted a broken tights with a big hole under the knee in a short thermal bib tight, so I can use them with leg warmers or in autumn/spring time.

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