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by jorisee01

Lewn777 wrote:Another Trekz Titanium user.
My god they are sh** headphones. No bass, interfere with most helmet straps and often break. I'm on my third pair on warranty. Wouldn't recommend them for music, better for podcasts. If you buy them keep your reciept!
I agree - sound quality is poor. But i like the distraction they give me during a ride

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by Frankie - B

tymon_tm wrote:
Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:48 pm
Nef, I'm sorry, but you're on the wrong side of the rainbow on this one. I don't know if it's a thing where you live, but here lots of early teenagers walk/ride around with small speakers? phones? wtf? playing crappy (both in quality and, erm,... genre) music out loud. nothing more annoying than a kid like that on a bus stop or walking few meters in front of you - just like cities weren't loud enough!
Tymon, I still seem to remember that this was the way we walked around the neighbourhood:

'Tape was made to wrap your GF's gifts, NOT hold a freakin tire on.'
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by Weenie

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by Stitchking

+1 for podcasts and music on solo rides. Especially helpful on regular routes that I've ridden a billion times.

However, I've never listened to music or podcasts in a group ride. Unsafe, antisocial, and unnecessary. Plus you look like a massive douche.

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by bilwit

I personally also think it's pretty bad form.. the comparison to people playing music on their phone or something on the street (or on a bus) is spot on. Seems a little inconsiderate and practically it sounds like shit when you can just wear an earbud or something like that instead. In terms of needing to listen to something in general, sure, I do that all the time on the trainer, but outside.. I just wouldn't do it.

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by SilentDrone

When I go on long solo rides I use AirPods with one in my right ear to listen to podcasts or audible books. With the left ear open I can hear traffic and other riders. I guess it’s fair to say that I like listening to the spoken word content more than I like listening to the chain go around the cogs. It that gets me banned from the tribe then so be it.

Also, I have a teenage son who I am introducing to the sport. He doesn’t love it like I do, but he’s slowly getting the feel for it. Often when I ride with him I’ll put his Bluetooth speaker box in my back jersey pocket and we’ll listen to his type of music as we ride along. It’s loud enough that we can hear it but not so loud that it is blaring at others. I realize this is a little Fred-like, but I don’t see anything in the rules prohibiting it, and it gets us out there together which makes up for any breach in protocol in my opinion. Uniformly, whenever we come across other roadies in real life in my area they’re generally complimentary.

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by IchDien

"SilentDrone", indeed.

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by Catagory6

the first thing i think about, if and when i think about riding with earbuds are the newspaper headlines:


wouldn't even consider riding with an ipod and earbuds anywhere on my person. maybe buried in a back pack. but the headlines would read the same way.

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by eins4eins

Pro's do the speaker in bottle cage thing all the time, so it was just a question of time, when other cyclists pick it up. Sagan and Daniel Oss are the most prominent example and when i was on Tenerife, i had Astana and CCC guys coming by, both groups playing loud music out of speakers.

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by iheartbianchi

tymon_tm wrote:
Mon Oct 15, 2018 2:15 pm
this is a result of cycling becoming "a thing", and generally the idea that being fit (or at least pretending to be fit) makes you trendy. many if not most people who run/ride hate it - simple as that. they hate the idea of spending so much time "doing nothing", but they need to meet social expectations so they have to do it anyway. which is where smartphones come in handy. IMHO if you need music or any other disctractions to make your ride bearable, mostl likely cycling isn't really your thing. if you need your phone constantly on in front of you (and I've seen guys 'doing stuff' while riding :!: I dunno what, texting, checking fb - hell knows) there are therapy centers that treat those kind of disorders. not to mention it's just freakin unsafe.
Would you rather these people not make an effort to be fit? At least they're trying to better themselves, why knock them for it?

Also, does anyone enjoy going on daily base mile rides solo? Even WT riders listen to music when they ride...
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by gurk700

Tried listening to music when I ride a few times cause everyone I talk to is amazed I ride 5+ hours with no music at all for some reason.
I genuinely hate it. I'd rather hear myself pant, listen to nature, the wind, the chain. I love listening to all the mechanical bits of the bike actually.
To each his own I guess :noidea:

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by dastott

gurk700 wrote:
Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:43 am
Tried listening to music when I ride a few times cause everyone I talk to is amazed I ride 5+ hours with no music at all for some reason.
I genuinely hate it. I'd rather hear myself pant, listen to nature, the wind, the chain. I love listening to all the mechanical bits of the bike actually.
To each his own I guess :noidea:
This. Been a DJ and musician for around 30 years but never listen to music on the bike.

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by silvalis

I listen to podcasts.
Chasse patate

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by tabl10s

Catagory6 wrote:
Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:29 am
i've seen people playing music through speakers mounted on their handlebars. whatever. i wasn't in the vicinity for very long. and at least the guy had good taste in music (according to my own tastes. i thought of doing the same, for those long, solo rides)

earlier this year i was on a ride in blue-sky, bucolic vermont. guy had music blasting over his handlebar mounted iphone, with all strava info announced to the entire countryside every 5 minutes. whatever. he didn't last very long on the ride anyway.

today, i went out for my usual sunday stroll down an undulating country road, to a coffee shop in the next town 16.5 miles away. during my return trip i approached a group up the road. as i passed the first rider in the group i glanced over and took notice of the ipad on her handlebars, and the headphones plugged in, in both ends.

what is it going to be next? i can't even imagine.

btw, nobody in that group i passed seemed to be enjoying themselves at all.
Over 30 years ago, a jacket was introduced that had stereo speakers in the collar. Still have the flyer somewhere.
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by NickJHP

On bikes where I don't have a saddlebag of sufficient size to fit it, I have my phone mounted on the handlebars, purely because I don't like riding with it in my pocket. A couple of riders around here have had pretty nasty burns from crashing with a phone in their pocket and having the battery catch fire from being damaged:


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by TheKaptone

I wear headphones all day at work and listen to podcasts (plus people don't know if it's on or not and can't tell if you can hear them). When out for a run I have music on because I hated the sound of my breathing when I first started running, now it's habit. When on the bike I don't do any headphones. The wind across the headphones makes to much noise. I also like to hear the sounds of my bike and surrounds.

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by Weenie

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