Rapha now on Wiggle

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Nothing more known about it, not seen a press release. Trying to make sense of the move myself, got nothing.


And here. We. Go.

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by mentok

Direct to consumer just doesn't have enough middlemen?

I'm assuming that Rapha-Walmart want to see their product alongside others - if I go to wiggle to look at jerseys then I'm not necessarily going to see or consider Rapha. I guess the dilution of brand identity is worth the increased exposure of being seen by more wiggle eyeballs?

by Weenie

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by Nefarious86

I could understand if it was just the core line to increase brand exposure but adding a layer to the proffit loss...
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by Tugboat

I got this email last night...

New retail partnerships

As a Rapha customer and RCC member, I wanted you to be the first to hear about some new developments in our business. Over the coming months we will start to form partnerships with some of the best cycling retailers to expand the places that cyclists can engage with the Rapha brand and products.

Rapha has worked with strategic retail partners throughout our brand’s history. Over the first ten years of Rapha’s existence, we worked with up to 50 of the world's best cycling retailers around the world, and more recently we have partnered with Apple for them to sell a unique range of Rapha luggage. We have sought new ways to connect with a diverse community of cyclists and strive to reach as many passionate riders as possible, and we will continue to do so.

Our first partnership launches on 12th October with e-retailer Wiggle who will offer a selection of the best Rapha products. Further relationships with the best partners around the globe will be announced in the coming months. Through joint promotion of Rapha products and Rapha’s own brand programs such as Festive 500 or Women’s 100, these partnerships will be an additional way for Rapha to help make cycling the most popular sport in the world.

We remain fully committed to our direct-to-consumer model and the vast majority of our sales will continue to come through Rapha channels, but partnerships like these ones allow us to reach more cyclists, more often.

Kind regards,

Simon Mottram
Founder & CEO
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by Shrike

Not a big deal, if it results in a larger profit, great, they can continue to roll it out. If it doesn't, then they can stop it. They've done it before anyway, used to flog kit through Sigma Sports. Less margin, increased volume. Margin may even increase if they get significant growth to increase manufacturing volume and reduce costs at that end. Should see the pathetic numbers they produce for some items. Works for everyone else, why not Rapha too. Worth experimenting. They do need to tinker more with their model if Mottram wants to see his vision fulfilled, and it's a pretty ambitious vision. It's outreach that they struggle with.

Rapha needs to go a bit more Patagucci in my view. Lose that corporate styling for RCC which looks class but is possibly off-putting to perhaps too many. Some of their latest designs and logos reflect a change in direction, like the 2018 'Ride With Us' stickers in pink with white background. Even the 2018 RCC cap that accompanied it was a bit.. LA cool. Those looked great and would love to see that mark the direction Rapha is headed. Actually if Rapha became the Patagucci of cycling, I'd really love the brand.

More chilled, more inclusively styled, but still a bit pricey, ethically manufactured from farm to payroll, and progressive with their clothing development.

Side note: I see the latest Women's 100 is the first to not have a roundel reward. Roundels may be silently scrapped, so watch out Festive 500 badge collectors :D

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by kamrantaz

Makes sense.

If Wiggle are good enough for Assos and Castelli, who are Rapha?

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by spdntrxi

kamrantaz wrote:
Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:33 pm
Makes sense.

If Wiggle are good enough for Assos and Castelli, who are Rapha?
that is totally not the point.

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Ha! 50% off :lol:

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by Shrike

Thu Oct 25, 2018 5:16 am
Ha! 50% off :lol:
Yeah kit from ages ago that was 50% off or more on Rapha, eBay, Sport Pursuit and some women's site too. They've been passing that dead stock around for a while.

by Weenie

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by kode54

more exposure. i've seen more Rapha in the last two organized rides than i have over the course of several years.
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