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by AlfaAlfa


I have been visiting this forum for several years now, even posted a project of my own a year ago. I loooove this site, just because of the builds, I realize that I am more in to the build part of the bikes than riding them. Anyway, I work as a Industrial Designer and I spend a lot of my free time building bicycles, buying expensive parts, mod and rebuild them and sell the bikes with a massive loss, I guess I am not the only one with this costful hobby :D

This has been getting more and more serious with this, kinda making it into a small part time job, I call it Localbikechop. It is basically a inspirational instagram account and webpage, showing bike builds and bikestuff, both real and just computer dreams. Now i am also doing some consulting to bike companies as well as starting to manufacture some own products.

The idea with this instagram account is to inspire others to rebuild your bike, to get it lighter, more fun or just to express yourself.

Anyway, why I reach out here is not only to get more followers 8) , i also want to follow other builders out there. I think its so got damn exciting to follow when people build their bikes, visual ideas as well as choice of components. Add me and add you, it would be nice to interact more with other people sharing the same hobby!

And it would be awesome to help people with their bikiebuilds, custom parts or doing a Visual rendering of your bike build!

My account is: www.instagram.com/localbikechop

Hope to hear more from you guys and girls!

And I will post some builds on this forum as well!

Best regards/ Daniel Localbikechop

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by 573

Rror wrote:
Wed Nov 14, 2018 5:12 pm
I really liked your instagram page, and at the same time I like your work too. By the way, what do you think about these bikes read more here it seems to me that they are very cool.
It seems to me more like you joined the forum and posted with your first ever post just to promote a website with loads of generic content for your own commercial gains.

by Weenie

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