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by wpccrunner

Question regarding "State Championship" races in the US. When I lived in Florida the winners of state championships races from all disciplines would get a special jersey for winning, prizes, etc (with proof that you were a Florida resident). Participation numbers at those races are typically very high with fields of easily 50+ riders.

Now living in North Carolina and these state championship races here are a far cry from Florida. There is no official association that seems to promote the races, participation numbers are horrific (2017 mens CAT 3 road race had a field of maybe 20 riders, 11 finishers in the 2018 race), and races are typically combined between North and South Carolina.
There is hardly any "incentive" to race or prizes/recognition for winning. For as big as cycling suposedly is in the Carolinas its quite sad to see the State Championship races so poorly attended.

I'm sure other states are more similar to the Florida description than the Carolinas.
How is it in your state/territory/location? Not asking about National Championship level races.
Not limiting this to the USA only, as i'm sure AUS and other contries have state/territory championships as well.
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by otoman

Here in TN, USAC road event participation has been slowly dropping over the 14 years I’ve been racing here.
The state crit ranged from 17-30 racers for each elite field, Masters about the same, women in the teens.
The state RR was pitiful this year with single digit racers in many categories including the P1/2 race! Crazy.
The state TT has single digits to teens in the categories.

The decline in numbers becomes self perpetuating when people get tired of racing against the same few dudes every weekend.

USAC has a bit of a crisis on their hands. They need a top to bottom reorganization with a 180 degree change of focus away from Teejay Van Garderen et al and towards grassroots development of talent. NICA (high school MTB league) will likely be where the next crop of elite road stars come from.
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