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by bilwit

robertbb wrote:
Fri Oct 05, 2018 10:59 pm
But there is a flow on affect to your credit card. The "hold" placed by your card provider is for the full amount of the original transaction and sits in a "pending" state. PBK has to actually cancel the order for that to be released and your "funds available" to adjust back up. That in itself is not PBK's fault, but I've had to get in touch every time to ask them to actually cancel an order they already new they couldn't fulfil (supplier out of stock, etc) and which was sitting in limbo indefinitely along with the hold on funds.
I found that in most cases you can use the built-in cancel feature on the website and it will axe it on the spot. Only time I had to contact them directly to cancel was for a special case where I ordered something with two quantities and they were only able to ship one. The built-in cancel process can only select per-item so there was no option to cancel just the one that didn't ship for the same item. Very nuanced place to deal with indeed.

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by TonyM

I never received any replies to my email concerning inquiries etc....but I however bought some wheels with a good discount and everythimg went fine.

by Weenie

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by bikeboy1tr

I have mainly used PBK for a number of years and have had no real issues to stop me from using them in the future. I was at one time using my PayPal but I always got an extra charge for using them, thats coming from PayPal not PBK so no fault of theirs. I now use CC and no extra charges. I have had no problems cancelling orders and I have only had to cancel maybe a couple. One was taking to long to get the part and the other was I got another part for free with frameset purchase so cancelled the PBK order. Yes it takes forever to get your items but then again I am not in a huge hurry. Most times the items are sent right to my post box with no extra border charges, yay me. I also use Merlin who normally take even longer to get parts to Canada and Wiggle and CRC but only as a last resort. Ribbles was also another I used on regular basis but they dont seem to carry much of what I want any longer and they charge for shipping no matter what amount you spend. In fact most of my shopping is online because I work 6 days a week and live in BFNW which has no cycliing shops. The closest real LBS is an hours drive away. I would rather ride my bike instead of driving all over to purchase parts.
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