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by NickJHP

This is my choice. Rudi Altig during a quiet moment of the 1964 Tour de France:


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by mattr

Stems not slammed, no style at all.


by Weenie

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by Nefarious86

Why dont we ever see this level of cool these days

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by kgt

The days of style are long gone:


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by Rondje


And for the first photo:
Piet van Kempen 1936
And Pidcock with an attempt to recreate it for The Tour Series promo

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Nah, not true - panache in the peleton still exists.

Thanks for sharing some great pics of hardmen. Hope to see more from then and now.

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by wheelbuilder

Very cool. Cyclists were so much more "manly" in those era's. Before power-to-weight was obsessed over. It was hardmen with a propensity to suffer like no other.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

I think this calls for a few pictures of the Campionissimo...



Found the first on adventuremedic and the second on velominati but am pretty sure these can be found in multiple places on line.
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by kbbpll

Bikes were so clean back then, before all this fat curvy giant-label plastic shit. I mean, just look at that hideous Dogma versus the rest of them.

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by kgt

There are much worse than the Dogma. The Madone, the new Systemsix, etc.
One of the last stylish riders:


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by Miller

kgt wrote:
Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:45 am
One of the last stylish riders:
{Fignon] You say that but I was watching a vid the other day, maybe linked from here, of him chasing Indurain up a hill from the '91 Tour. He was rocking all over the bike to force the watts out. Looked powerful but not super-stylish. Whatever, he was a great rider who died way too young.

That photo of Merckx plus cohort up above; that's the entire foundation of Rapha right there.

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by XCProMD


Enter Bugno. Smooth as a velvet glove. Unfortunately he overlapped with Big Mig. But that leg spinning his bike perfectly parallel to the road...

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by 853guy

Ahhh... ankle socks and mid-thigh bibshorts...

The current obsession with long socks and long bibs continues to baffle me*.


* Actually, I'm not baffled at all. More lycra/wicking material = more surface area for branding and sponsorship logos. (Sigh.)

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by micky


by Weenie

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