Riding and wedding ring

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by Dannnnn

I have a titanium wedding ring, I always take mine off before cycling.

Not only is it because I don't want to lose it, but it's uncomfortable to wear it, it saves weight (This is WW after all) and If I come off and it gets stuck on, there may be issues getting it off.

If i leave from home it stays on my bedside table, if at work it gets left in my desk drawer until following day.
If I'm anywhere else, it would get stored somewhere else (I only every leave from a relatives house, my house or work)

by Weenie

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by Spinnekop

Also had that "what if I crash and rip my finger off" fear.
And sometimes that ring scratches the bar (flat aerobar with no bar tape)

There is quite and easy solution.
Silicone rings.
I have been using one for the past 2 years.
And that callus it sometimes makes on your hand....gone.

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by nickf

Never wore mine while riding for 10 years. Now i dont have to wear it ever again lol

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by kode54

never thought about it either way. always kept it on...regardless of crashes and such.
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by Orbital

exctasy wrote:i ride with my ring on.
Maybe i should remove it, perhaps i can climb faster! :D
I have a carbon fiber/titanium wedding ring so I don’t stress about these things.

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by wheelbuilder

Wow, there are a lot of possible injury nervous people on this site.
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by nycebo

Perhaps the solution is to never wear a wedding band:
Fallon explained that he experienced "ring avulsion" when his ring got snagged on a countertop on June 26 and caused his finger to go "sideways."

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by zebragonzo

Always wear my ti ring on a cord as a necklace when riding. How much it swings tells me how much my torso is rocking when I'm riding up a hill!
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by mdeth1313

I usually wear mine when riding. It stays under the glove (even summer gloves) and it's titanium so not much of a weight penalty.
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by C36

Usually gloves cover the ring well and prevent risks of having it stuck somewhere causing catastrophic injuries.
Now the risk that remains is to have a trauma that inflate the finger and cut blood circulation with here also terrible consequences.
I personally let ring home or put my it on my chain, so without risks to lose it.

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by oldturd

Always remove mine before any sports- just habit now

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Never worn my ring since almost losing it on a boat in Venice during my honeymoon. :oops: :shock:

Wife keeps it for safekeeping...
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by TonyM

During my bike rides (or home work, other sports etc...) I am using a silicone ring.


I heard that firefighters also use silicone rings. My wife has also bought now some silicones rings for that purpose.

Bonus for WW: it is much lighter than my regular wedding ring. LOL

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by LouisN

I found I was allergic to my wedding ring.
So it's been on my key ring for the last 19 years.

Louis :)

by Weenie

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by Sock3t

I can't ride with mine. Makes my hand hurt.

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