Riding and wedding ring

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by Sock3t

I can't ride with mine. Makes my hand hurt.

by Weenie

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by dastott

Powerful Pete wrote:
Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:21 am
Never worn my ring since almost losing it on a boat in Venice during my honeymoon. :oops: :shock: ..
Funnily enough, my father lost his wedding ring in the same place so I have never seen him wear one. I told the wife that I won't be wearing one either before we got married as I have an aversion to any jewelry (and any other adornments on my body). She is cool with that.

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by beeatnik

Bee sting while riding, Ti ring. Forgot to take it off right away before the finger began to swell. As seen in the photo, it could only be removed with a special saw at the ER. I decided to take my chances and leave it on until the swelling went down. Since circulation was not cut off, I did not lose my finger, but it took a few months for the swelling to come down completely to remove the ring. Do not try this at home.




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by oldturd

wow.. that doesnt look very pleasant..

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by jfranci3

I have a plain tungsten ring with beveled sides , which is not expensive. I initially bought what I thought was the right size, then bought a half size down, then bought a half size down. The third ring fits with a precision fit, though requires a lot of effort to remove. The ring sits in a skinnier part of my finger. The meat before and after the ring along with the bevels keep it from ever catching on anything. I've never thought to need to remove it doing mechanical work or cycling.

Funny story... we had a work lunch at PF Chang (US Asian food chain). I ate quite a bit. I travelled for work, so immediately after lunch I drove to the airport in my rental car. I opened the door at the rcar return, and AAAAAAHHHHHHH. Felt like an electric shock/burn. I reached over and ripped my not-so-easy-to-remove ring off in one quick yank. Turned out I had too much salt. Wore the ring which was a full size larger for the next two weeks.

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