“Correct” sock length

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by themidge

On anyone else Merckx's socks look stupid, but I think he manages to pull them off. I agree about Anquetil's though, spot on for length.

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by Geoff

You guys are all nuts with your long socks. This is cycling, not basketball. Short socks (yes, like Eddie) forever! Besides, short socks are lighter...

by Weenie

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by TonyM

Geoff wrote:(...) Besides, short socks are lighter...
Good one! WW rules...LOL

Unfortunately it seems that some studies show that longer socks are more aero ...don’t know why...maybe compared to unshaved legs ??

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by mrfish

Just think about what Borat would wear. Then choose something else.

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by otoman

Eddy had whippet thin, chiseled legs. Those legs can rock the low socks. The rest of you with your pasty white, hairy, sausage-like cankles devoid of any definition would do best to call attention away from your twigs by using taller socks. ;-)

Short socks are great for an Eroica event though. Just sayin’.
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