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by seaneT1

Laughter is one of the best medicine, as they say, and given that cyclists and cyclism in general is kinda funny, I think that this thread was missing from here, everybody feel free to contribute! :D

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by Calnago

Well, I know I've mentioned this somewhere before, but I've got a cycling buddy named Billy, who... whenever I might show up with a new piece of clothing kit I'm particularly fond of... will inevitably look me up and down, then without missing a beat state "Do they make that in a men's version?". Now it, or some variant of it, has become standard practice and it's just as funny, maybe even more, depending on the variant insults that may be added or revised. All in good fun.
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by Weenie

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by HammerTime2

This is the funniest I've seen:

In The stupidest thing you've heard at a bike shop...
madcow wrote:
Wed Oct 22, 2008 1:30 am
This one happened in our own shop, a campus shop at the UofA.

One of our regulars is in the store. He's blind and is the stoker on a tandem. He has his dog next to him as he's trying on helmets. When he leaves one of the "higher education" students asks the guy behind the counter how a blind guy can ride a bike. The guy behind the counter says that "he rides on the back of a tandem"..... The girl accepts that, but then starts to look really confused. After a minute she leans over the counter and quietly asks the salesman in all sincerity, "how does the dog steer the bike?"

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by antonioiglesius




There's one about telling the difference between a new cyclist, an experienced cyclist, and a triathlete but I can't find it...

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by RyanH


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by Frankie - B

I lolled at that one!
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by zebragonzo

This might be the most entertaining cycling thing I've read - a book called "Roadie" ... 1934030171
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by Weenie

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by otoman

Frankie - B wrote:I lolled at that one!
Haha, same! Good one....
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