Do USAC juniors need to physically have a parent at a road race?

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by quadzilla

So I'm a junior in norcal and I will be racing every weekend. I can drive but my parents always go to my races to sign the release forms. Lots of the races are really far away and a pain for parents to wake up early and waste half their day. Do my parents physically have to be at the race? Could I print out the Junior release form and have them sign it at home then go to the race by myself? Has anyone done this? thanks

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The parent doesn't need to be there for USAC's purposes, they just need a legally filled out waiver.
I was in the same boat for the last couple of years, I filled out and had waivers presigned dozens of times, only was given trouble at one race, and that was easily resolved by showing the RD the release form was exactly the same as his.
Just be sure to make the race name, dates, and category appear the same on the waiver you print out as on the waiver that they have at the race. They will probably also ask you to sign the waiver at the race.

Use the waiver you can find by going to logging in to USACycling > Tools > Event Entry Form

by Weenie

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