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by addictR1

Just bought a pair of speedplay x1. eBay seller listed it as 144g for a pair. Much lighter than my current eggbeater Ti.

Here’s a stupid question. This is my first set of speedplay and not sure what version of cleat I need. There seems to be so many different versions available. Also do you need a shim to mount to 3 hole?

Lastly, where can I find a pair of cleat for cheap? Slickdeals anywhere?


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by IrrelevantD

You need X-Series cleats. They will come with everything you need to mount them to 3-bolt shoes. Do not confuse them with Zero cleats. There is a different spring mecanism and they are not compatible between the two.

Link below to Performance Bike, was the first one that came up in a google search, but there are others that cary it. ... ts-62-4085
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by Weenie

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by addictR1

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