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by addictR1

Do you guys do your own bike fit or have someone professional fit you?

I’m running into some issues with my fit on TMR02. After I sprained my lower back... stopped riding for a month and even with chiropractors help, it doesn’t feel the same and I’m getting neck and shoulder pain, hips issue and at times boys get numb.

I’m in Northern California... so if there’s a good pro fit service available, I’d like to hear your experiences.


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by antonioiglesius

My opinion of bike fitters have not gotten any better, still rock bottom.

I suggest consulting with physical therapists. Revolutions in Fitness seem to have trained PTs who can help.

by Weenie

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by themidge

I'd always say do it yourself, but not beyond 'my back hurts because my handlebars are too low/saddle too high' or 'my knees a swinging because of wrong cleat set-up'. It sounds like you're having some fairly major discomforts and I wouldn't treat spraining your back as trivial, so try to find someone who can help (not just tell you 'this is how you should be').
I'm not from California though, so I can't help you there :? .
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by tymon_tm

even the best bike fitter won't help if you're not properly diagnosed and treated accordingly. spine issues are as real deal as it gets, the problems you notice with neck, shoulders or hips are most likely due to your spine being somehow off.
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by addictR1

thanks guys.. my friend got "fitted by pedro" in SF. now he's cycling pain free and putting down nice numbers. gonna talk to pedro and see what could be done. hopefully he won't say you need a new bike.. that BMC TMR02 doesn't work. lol

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by otoman

Totally agree with antonioiglesias. If you can find a competitive cyclist PT who will do a bike fit, go there. Those have been my far and away best fits. The best bike shop fit is not even in the same discussion as a knowledgeable PT placing you on your bike for comfort and efficiency.
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by Weenie

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by addictR1

thanks otoman..
i'm thinking the same. another thing i was thinking was what if the TMR02 is too aggressive for me. i did a 36 miles ride today and felt like my body got ran over by a MACK truck.

need to find a PT that can do bike fit in northern california.......

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