Scott Foil 20 vs Bianchi oltre xr3

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by junj

Identical price point & identical specs.

My heart seeks the bianchi but my brain loves that performance advantage on the foil

Cant seem to know which to get, i dont want any regrets.

Wanna read your side, so your thoughts bout this bikes?

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by bilwit

The one you think looks more badass is the correct option.

by Weenie

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by silvalis

I actually thought about this once.
It really came down to if you don't mind the under-bb brake on the foil.
Chasse patate

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by themidge

I can't really see there being much of an aero difference between the bikes, so I say go for the one you like the look of the most.
That said, does the XR3 have countervail? If so, that could be a reason to get it over the foil, I've heard it makes a big difference in comfort.

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by Martin.F

I've had an oltre XR2 and now have a foil, so I have some experience with both. The foil feels stiffer, which brings both positive and negative things. It feels stiffer when you stand up to climb or sprint, but the rear triangle on the oltre felt a lot more comfortable. The rear brake on the foil is really bad compared to a good normal caliper brake. You should also look at the geometry, as the stack height is quite different if you want to run both slammed.

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by junj

Im a small guy standing at 5'1 and yes i understand these bikes have different geometries

I cant go wrong with neither bikes but i think the deciding factor here will be the geometry, probably with the oltre suiting me up more because it has a lower stack meaning i can raise the seatpost a bit higher making it look more badass w/ deep dish rims

Im a triathlete who competes seriously, gotta love the gain on the foil though.

But nontheless i think ill have to go with the celeste, it might not be as stiff as the foil but its compliance makes it up. I hope i made the right choice.

Thanks for the reply guys

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by TonyM

What’s about the Bianchi Aria? Celeste colour, aero and Bianchi says it has a geometry also good for triathlon.

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by otoman

Scott knows that celeste adds 10 watts. That’s why they had to get all aero with the tubes and brake placement. They were really just trying to keep up, bless their hearts.
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by Weenie

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by oreoboreo

Ottoman, that is hilarious... but true ;)
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