EBV / Mono / Glandular Fever Recovery

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I'm into week 4 of recovering from glandular fever. I am able to ride 10km into work and back slowly each day but that is the extent of what I feel able to do, and should be doing, at present.

My doctor has advised very light activity and to expect a significant loss in strength.

On the bike the sensation is of riding at a capped low speed with no ability to vary my intensity or push myself. Perhaps that is my body naturally safeguarding itself. Cycling causes no discomfort, its just slow.

I understand that the symptoms and recovery time vary a lot by individual but I am interested in other's experiences. How and when did sufferers feel like they could extend themselves and start to see strength returning? Did you gradually feel stronger or had to push through the lethargy to regain fitness?

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by silvalis

Took me about 8 weeks to recover to some degree of fitness I think
Pushing through at the 4 week mark is a bad idea. You will most likely get dizzy spells and extreme fatigue if you do that.
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by Weenie

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by dmp

I had mononucleosis many years ago, right before starting university. I missed the entire first semester. Not to be discouraging, but it took me months to get back to normal- I was simply exhausted all the time. It was just as you describe- there is no pain or discomfort, but simply no energy or ability to push oneself. Good luck, and get well soon!

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by TwiggyTN

My advice, based on extensive experience with this more than once unfortunately, is to shut it down completely for 3 months and then start over. Commuting by bike is a bad idea if you can avoid it. Naps daily each afternoon if you can swing it. Just live as easy as you can. I have tried lots of stuff but the only thing that worked is to shut it down. Sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear, I didn't either so had to learn it the hard way, prolonging my symptoms for many more months than was necessary. With this illness you think in terms of months, not days or weeks but I guarantee you that if you shut it down now you can get back to your previous level eventually, and sooner than if you keep riding.

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by wheelbuilder

Sorry to hear this has happened. Here is hoping you get well soon. Long recovery times totally suck.

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by Exar

I did zero rides for two weeks, and no intensity over a heart rate of 120 for about two months after that. However since recovery from mono is so personal there really is no value in anything anybody has to offer as advice ;)
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Thanks for the feedback.

Understand that no two cases are the same in terms of symptoms or duration. Just interested in the cues sufferers got when they were fit to resume training.

Seems I have some way to go and pushing it would be counterproductive.

by Weenie

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