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by mattr

My wife usually moves stuff to the shelf.

Well. Half of it is hers........

by Weenie

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by nickf

I have been using a bontrager branded hr for years now. Was cheap and works great. Ant+ only though

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by Bogan

Scosche RHYTHM+

I have been using this for a year or two now. Never an issue, pairs easily and stays paired. The Garmin bands never worked well for me.
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by Leviathan

Decathlons "Geonaute": 30 Euros, ANT+ and bluetooth, always worked, battery easy to change, lasted 1 1/2 years so far.
I think HRM manufacturing is:

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by JMeinholdt

Bumped a 2.5 year old thread to push some web links huh. Slick.
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by RTW

maquisard wrote:
Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:24 pm

mattr, I do have a shelf for shoes, helmet, glasses etc, but I also have a wife who moves stuff...
She's tidying up!

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by TobinHatesYou

Polar H10. The smallest of the current chest straps and also the most comfortable. The Polar Pro Soft Strap can be purchased separately and used with Garmin sensors as well.

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by Alfus

reknop wrote:
Mon Sep 21, 2020 12:49 pm
My girlfriend had a lot of issues using her Wahoo Tickr-Run in combination with a Garmin Smartwatch.

Personally I have beent using the Wahoo Tickr-X ... e-monitor/ in combination with my Pioneer SGX-CA500 ... em-review/ for a long time, but the cycling computer is replaced with a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. Guess what ... HR is not showing up in the Wahoo combination of products. :-)

I've ended up replacing the Wahoo Tickr-X with a 4iiii Viiiiva ... t-bridge/ and using it flawelessly with the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt now. Can't really comment on the battery-life yet.
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by maquisard

Back on subject. I had to replace my original Tickr last week as the 'stud' connector between the strap and strap had failed due to corrosion.

I cannot complain as I have had many years of use both inside and outside ridings. I bought a new design Tickr as a replacement.

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by Sammutd88

Polar OH1+. Doesn't miss a beat, armband instead of chest strap. I find it way more comfortable.

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