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by TwiggyTN

Wonder if anyone at Michelton-Scott wondered what might have been if Trentin was pulling to close it down for Ewan rather than taking a solo flyer....I know, hindsight being 20/20 and all but it's the first tjing I thought of.

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by Weenie

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by Vagabond

Haydn wrote:
Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:09 pm
He will get a lot more than that
We’ll see. San Remo this year won’t be one of Pinchy’s “lot more.” Well done Vinnie! What a great attack and worthy champion.
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by petal666

TwiggyTN wrote:
Tue Mar 20, 2018 3:37 am
Wonder if anyone at Michelton-Scott wondered what might have been if Trentin was pulling to close it down for Ewan rather than taking a solo flyer....I know, hindsight being 20/20 and all but it's the first tjing I thought of.
Was discussing this today. I think having 2 leaders allowed him to have a go, but might have cost them the race.

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by LeDuke

I understand that it was Nibali attacking, and 290km or so into the race, but kind of amazed how little Sky and then the rest of the field did to try to close him down.

As an example: Daniel Oss was on the front at some points on the descent and the flat trying to peg Nibali back. I love Oss, but, if he’s anywhere near the front after the field reacts (or... doesn’t) to Nibali, they aren’t chasing that hard.

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by maquisard

Can Cav get anymore unlucky, it is sad to see him crash race after race. It makes you wonder if he is suffering some sort of concussion like issue after repeated crashing.

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by Wookski

I think the medical condition Cav’s suffering from is “Jackass.” Apparently he’s had it his whole life.

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by peted76

Bellissimo! Bellissimo! it was clear to hear from his team as he came to a halt after the line.. I must agree, that was a super last 5km from Nibbles and his team, who hammered the pace at the front and when he went just blocked the road for long enough for him to get away..
A classy and exciting ride from the sicilian, chapeau!

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by peted76

The question is will Sagan get 'free' for a win this classics season?
Or will he be too marked or too leaned upon.. I think for races of attrition like Flanders and E3 he'll be okay but are there any other races he can 'free' himself from a pack who's job is to sit on Sagan's wheel?

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by wingguy

Nibali is such a purebred racer, loves to go on his own. Remember in the Grand Tours when he used to attack on the descent before the next climb? He's building a really old school palmares now too. Don't think I can see him adding another GT, but it'd be well deserved if he can win the worlds this year, and a LBL before he retires.

And how did Cav get away without breaking both legs in that crash? Literally knocked him out of his shoe :shock: It's a good thing Cervelo didn't sell a replica of that chrome/green paint scheme because that bike is cursed.

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by stoney

I think Nibali might have a good chance at this years Tour de France if all the other lightweight, climber, GC guys suffer much on the Paris Roubaix cobbled stage. I hope that stage is epic!

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by CrankAddictsRich

Hopefully I can post too...

I'll jump on the bandwagon with the MSR stoke. What a great finish to the race. I feel like MSR always a pretty amazing finish at the end. The course layout is just really good for creating drama and allowing many different types of winners.

I wish we could watch the women's races more easily. Was Trofeo televised in Europe? I can usually find the euro feeds, but I'll I see for the Trofeo is highlights. It looks like it was a great finsh as well. Kasia is a rising star in the women's ranks for sure and I think women's racing is only going to get more exciting.
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by zirxo

I really feel for Cav, three in a row is crazy...

Regarding MSR, I'm a bit dissapointed. The finale was great and Nibali really lit up the race, but the headwind made nothing happen during Cipressa and the run in to Poggio.
I know that the moves in Cipressa and on the flats to Poggio won't succeed but they make the race a bit more entertaining then just waiting for the Poggio.

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by tymon_tm

Nibali's win was fantastic, but how the whole field didn't even react was pretty appaling. the whole race was boring, a day long breakaway followed by one single attack on the final climb. if it wasn't for the ~30cm of fresh snow I would've been on my bike rather than trying hopelessly to find this years MSR attractive.

as for Cav - it's not the bike that's cursed, it's the pro peloton who has to endure his phenomenal bike skills. I can't even recollect most of his crashes, and IMHO his place is on the other side of the tv set now.
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by Kjetil

MSR is always wonderful. FACT!


by Weenie

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by AJS914

There are a few Trofeo Binda videos on youtube including the whole race. Here's the end:


Niewiadoma's attack was blistering. Super impressive.

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