Bike Fitting Loosing Popularity?

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by addictR1

I'm so glad to have found this post. Was really thinking about getting fit with retul, but $300 is a bit much for me.

Previously I've been fitted by my friend who's a PT and avid cyclist. That worked out well, no numb nuts or anything.

Recently I've been trying the GCN inside leg method. Still can't say if that works or not but trying it out on my indoor train bike first and see.

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by tymon_tm

Franklin wrote:1. There's no perfect fit
2. Humans are quite adjustable. Bodies get used to things (that's a very good thing).
3. There's hardly any research on "fitting"a bike.

absolutely this. anyone who rides long enough, and has had at least few different bikes in his 'career' will tell you that. of course there's this percentage of riders who actually need help, as they have health issues limiting their flexibility and in general making it harder to ride a bike. but the rest of us - it's more of a trial-and-error game than anything even remotely scientific.
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by Weenie

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by otoman

addictR1 wrote:
Previously I've been fitted by my friend who's a PT and avid cyclist.

This has worked best for me as well. Bike shops utilizing the “dude squinting with a plumb bob” method have gotten me very close most of the time. A few overuse injuries over the years have been sorted out with a combination of PT and a subtle tweak or two on the fit by my PT friend.
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