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by Mr.Gib

Hi All,

Love my Assos S7 arm warmers, not the latest version but the previous one with the two different types of material, the anatomic curvature, etc. Well some shit for brains decided to crash himself in line doing 50 km/h. Big stack of bikes and bodies and my beloved arm warmers now have a small hole.

Went to replace them and the latest version is nothing more then a straight fleece tube with a seam - WTF is that for $70? Are they any good? Do they hug the arms, stay up, breath, wick, always warm but never sweaty, etc? The previous one's were damn near perfect in all these areas. What about he current version?
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by Weenie

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by TonyM

Sounds like the Assos arm warmers that I used 10-20 years ago. Actually they were pretty comfy. I still have some that I use. I like also the new version with the curvature.

Based on the quality of Assos I am sure the new version is good!

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