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by Thenuge

What do y'all wear now that the weather is cooling down? Arm and leg warmers, long base layers, vests, jackets? There's so many options.

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by fromtrektocolnago

i dislike arm-warmers. at the first signs of cooling i may opt for wool socks. next up may be leg warmers, and for upper body its about layering. first a short sleeve base layer and then either a slight jacket or a wind breaker. this will take me down to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. i like fingerless gloves so if its just beyond that i may add glove liners under that for the first hour or of riding after that we're getting more into winter clothing.
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by Weenie

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by bilwit

Arm warmers + fingerless gloves for when it's 55F/13C and will likely get warmer so I can take them off later. Lower than that but still in the 50s I'll also use knee warmers. Below that I'll wear a long sleeve jersey + base layer and maybe a light brevet.

When it gets absolutely bonkers in the 20s or lower I'll wear a base layer + short sleeve jersey + arm warmers + rain cape (helps insulate a lot) + thermal long bibs + shoe covers + glove liner + heavy gloves + merino beanie + neck warmer. Might decide on switching all that out for a trainer and bus fare instead this year..

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by cerro

Depends on how cold. Is it really cold like on one ride last winter (-22° C) I use bibs, wintertights, wool socks, Specialized Defroster wintershoes, long sleeve thick wool jersey, Assos thick winterjacket, wool liners with a Specialized 4-finger shell glove
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by Asteroid

With my SoCal location, layering makes the most sense. My ride can start at 50f and quickly get to 70f.
To avoid the bulging jerseys effect, I sometimes park my vehicle halfway on my ride.
This allows me to shed leg warmers, gloves, and the windbreaker. Toss in my car and ride like crazy to catch the group.
Arm warmers do not do much for me. Mostly try to take care of head, hands, and feet.

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by TuplaO

If we forget about 'deep winter' for a second, my tip would be base layers of different materials and weights. Same goes for socks. Thicker bib shorts (yes, shorts) are also a good idea. Finish this off with arm and knee warmers and a gilet of your choice, and you're good to go in almost any weather above 0 C.

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by tymon_tm

depends on the terrain and perceptible temperature - 15C on your scale feels a lot different with late summer sun than with an autumn breeze. clmibing also makes me a lot warmer, even in winter I often take off the gloves completely and unzip to the very basic layer.

in my case the 15-17C is a deal breaker - on flats it's a long sleeve jersey underneath, in the mountains a light jacket in a pocket. leg warmers are welcome as well. 10C begs for 2 layers, a bit warmer jacket, long bibs and full gloves. 5C - I add a layer and swap the jacket for winter one. I can't believe you guys can rock in armwarmers in 13C :shock:

for me the most tricky area to cover is head and ears - especially with early autumn, when it often feels cold, but I warm up and find myself boiling under the helmet (or the other way round - feels warm but my ears scream for cover after a short while).
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by gangbang

Impressive how no one mention Gabba so far :D

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by moyboy

Underarmour long sleeve with a jersey on top so I have back pockets....
Hat under helmet....
Legwarmers or full leg bibs, and overshoes and full gloves.

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by RTW

What's important is to be consistent with your coverage. For example, if you have a thick jacket on, and think that you will compensate by not wearing tights, but shorts or 3/4, what happens is that your body will send blood to the exposed area to keep it warm (and cool you down a bit), just as you planned. However, the result is that blood is being diverted from where you need it - your leg muscles. That isn't good for your training or recovery.

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by shoemakerpom2010

For me the best purchase was the Castelli Sorpasso Bib tight. I've wore it down to 12 deg with a Gabba top and just a jersey or base layer underneath. Wool socks full finger gloves, Castelli shoe covers and a Castelli baklava with a Castelli Difesa cap under the helmet.....

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by rajMAN

Cold weather means different temps to different folks depending on where we all are in the world. I have always worn leg warmers under a pair of old Assos 3/4 knicks (roubaix lined). I find it gives me a comfortable double leg covering without too much bulk around the waist area. Always a base layer and chest warmer now its getting cooler. Headwarmer or cap under helmet. I don't ride in icy conditions, experience has taught me to suffer the Turbo instead. 4 tops is usually enough to get me through the worst of southern UK winter can muster. :D

Looking to renew my winter wardrobe this year, hence my gripe elsewhere about Ribble ceasing to stock Assos.

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by bilwit

Anyone know of any good heavy gloves for around -4C weather? I have a pair of Rapha ones that even with the liner don't insulate at all and it feels like I might as well not be wearing gloves at all..

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by tymon_tm

skiing gloves.. I've an issue with both my palms and my feet getting really cold really fast. even around 0C skiing gloves is what gets me through the ride. lower temps - thin base polartec gloves plus one size larger skiing gloves on top. looks and feels weird (at least at the beginning) but it does work.
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by Weenie

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by Point

bilwit wrote:Anyone know of any good heavy gloves...

I used Phew gloves last year and got on well with them, though perhaps not quite down to that temp, close though. They do a separate fingered version and a lobster version, the latter of which you can wear over the former.

I've seen there's a new company selling a layering system (I believe it's a sister company of Hunt Wheels) Dissent 133 which looks good. The main rule for warmth is layer, so logically speaking they make sense, as to whether they're any good I couldn't tell you. I may consider trying them out.

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