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by CharlesAKing


I am looking for advice on bike fitting. I am looking for the opinions of all the experienced people here. I used to ride bikes a lot when I was a kid. Now my son is doing the same. He rides his bike literally whole day. ( He is currently using a Frog Road 70).

I recently came across this article. This has got me worried. I never thought bike fitting was this important. Now when I think about some of my health issues I feel it was due to not doing a proper bike fitting. I don't want this to happen to my kid. But I am not sure about the credibility of this article so I am here to clear this up.

So . Is a proper bike fitting really necessary?

Will not doing it result in health issues?

What are your opinions or experiences on this?

I am also looking for a place to do professional bike fitting in Toronto. If anybody knows any good shops please do suggest them.

by Weenie

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by jorryt

I think it's useless for a kid. He wil grow quick so therefore his body proportions wil change a lot. With that the fit you just got wil change again.

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by ntb1001

Yup...I have kids and have changed frames regularly while they were growing.
Just fund a compromise. A frame slightly too big and fit them as well as you can with various stems or bars. The way kids grow, you will be constantly checking fit.

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