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by gerryc89

We've just got a new apartment and since between us we have 3 bikes (for now!), there is a need for a reasonably elegant solution to store the bikes. We have a reasonably sized room that we can use, leaning them up against each other but I'd like something a bit more permanent.

Can any kind Weightweenie share some pictures of their storage solutions? I presume quite a few of us live in a major city where space is at a premium and leaving it outside locked to a lamp post isn't an option ;)

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by SpecializedColnago


I just used the gladiator branded wall track with the bike hooks that fit the system. While not exactly super low profile because the bikes stick straight out from the wall it is very sturdy and I can adjust the spacing between bikes with out redrilling holes. I've had 6 bikes hanging from it at one time and did not have any issues.

by Weenie

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by uraqt

My bikes get the dinning room.. ... gKkiPD_BwE

It's generic that was the 1st image I could find I think if you hunt they are 20 USD each


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by Lelandjt

Check out the Hero mount from Cycloc. I have 3 bikes taking up incredibly little space with them. I modified the pedal mounts to keep the bikes as close to the wall as the handlebars allow.

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