Any 183cm (6 foot) or taller in size Small Assos bibs?

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by savechief

I really like Assos bibs, except at the bottom, where the material is not compressive enough and is too loose just above my knee (skinny quads?). I'm 185cm (just under 6'1") and 73kg (161lb). I've tried mediums in just about all of the S7 varieties with the same result. I have a pair of S5 Unos in Large that I'd love to have in Medium, but getting a pair of the S5's is no longer really an option. As a result, I'm considering either the new Milles or Equipes in size Small.

Let me know your thoughts if you're over 183cm and ride in size Small Assos bibs. Thanks.
Time VXRS Ulteam (7.16 kg)

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by Juanmoretime

6'1" and size large fits me like a glove. 162 lbs or 72 kg. 87.9 inseam.

by Weenie

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by dudemanppl

The Equipe fits tighter than the Milles, keep that in mind.

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by petepeterson

quality problem to have lol

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by ico

I'm 186, 78 g and wear size Large throughout their collections for 15 years. Maybe they just don't fit you, try different brand. Assos is not that much ahead of its concurrence nowadays...

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by NealH

I am also 185cm and 164# (close to you). I wear a Large in Assos bibs, and the fit is perfect. I can't imagine a person your size wearing Small. It just isn't going to fit properly.

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by rapsac

186,5 cm and 72 kg, wearing Assos medium bibs.

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by tuba

I am 6 ft & 157 lbs. with thin legs
I wear small in Assos bibs/tights.
i had the same issue with the med. leg grippers being too big.
i thought no way could i wear a size small but they fit great. yes the straps are tight when standing but when riding they are perfect.
i pull the leg grippers around 6 inches above my knee

just go try a pair on if you can

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by mellowJohnny

Also 6' / 150lbs, have always worn a Medium. Shop squeezed me in to a Small for a pair of 3/4 bibs (on sale, last size) - I still think I made a mistake. Overall fit is fine (not too snug) but the straps are too short. On the bike I seem to forget about it, but I'd be better off in a Medium.

So my issue has been with the strap length.

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by tuba

"on the bike" fit is fine

exactly i have knickers size small & yes they stop right below the knees
yes straps are tight but when riding no issues

by Weenie

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