Your top speed km/h

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Your top speed km/h

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by Lelandjt

In an enduro race in Aspen two years ago the course went onto a very rough dirt road (ski area maintanence). It was steep and straight for about 1/2mi, then flattened and turned left. I hit 54mph. This was on a mountain bike. The turn at the bottom was sketchy cuz drifting on gravel at 40+mph is not something I'm well practiced at.

by Weenie

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by fromtrektocolnago

42 mph. I'm a big chicken. I think too much about what can go wrong. On most rides I top out in the mid 30 mph range but only if I'm comfortable with the road.
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by PSM

78 km/h on my Anthem a few years ago.

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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

a bit over 60 on the flat, alone, no wind.

Every other comparison (wind, downhill, group ride) is just not relevant.

Alone and on the flat is the one that counts.

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by kidrob

There is usually a point of speed where I know I have lost all control over my bike/myself and especially where I would never be able to brake reliable anymore that I really don't want to pass. This is, deepening on underground usually at around 60-70km/h and really really scary...

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

My hills bigger (and straighter) than yours...... :wink:

Bottled it about 60mph coming off the Fediaia years ago, more a case of thinking about the next bend coming up quickly along with crosswind fears :oops:

Locally there's a steep straight hill (Cat Tor) which is err ripe for a weighty bullet to hit at speed, but there have been cases of forks snapping descending it in yeaars gone by, so thats a no thanks from me.

Other than that, the state of the roads, what else is likely to be on the road (slow agricultural), and as its moorland there's a lot of sidwinds, means you're always covering the brakes here, 50 is probably the cut off point.
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by Broady

61mph in the lakes somewhere, can't remember where.

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by stockae92

I don't make it on the list :D

My max was like 46 mph (74 kmh)

I don't get paid for going faster and that's fast enough (for the road that I ride around here) :p

(btw, I hate that traffic light close to the bottom of the hill :D )

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by MJB

83km/hr max on a dead straight, 12% downhill sealed bitumen country road with 1.3km of clearly visible (empty) road ahead of me.

I average 70km/hr max. for this hill ridden maybe 100 times now.

Descending around narrow blind corner mountain stuff, 50km/hr is fast for me and 60km/hr for a few moments is truly warp speed.

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by nickcube

I cracked 80km/h in 400m, along a 20% bit of road, if I had someone spotting out the blind corner before the steep part I reckon I could go quicker but the road is maybe 1.5 cars wide and isn't the best quality, maybe not as crazy as what's in europe but still probably not worth time in hospital, I found a segment for it too

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by sugarkane

Cracked 100kph a few times.. have a bit of a thing for it actually. A prerequisite of my English build was shore footedness at 3 figures. Have so far only managed 93kph though.. need some bigger hills and a good tail wind :mrgreen:
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by kaguri

79.2 km/h in last week. And I will never ride like that speed..

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by jimaizumi

86km/h before I nearly pi$$ed myself.... I love speed but not when I feel that I'm on the brink of going back in time...
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by campbellrae

I somehow hit 124kph in the alps when I was 16 (and a f#cking idiot!!!). Thinking back to that ride, it was sheer stupidity the risks I took to hit that. Now that I've developed some sense of self preservation I very rarely get above 100kph, normally start feathering the brakes or sit up a little bit to increase the wind resistance around 90kph if I ever get that fast. I think the fastest I've hit in the last few years was 110kph down Glen Shee here in Scotland.

by Weenie

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by eins4eins

some crazy madmen in here ;) fastest I was going was 81kph. Normally I hit the brakes everytime speed goes over 65-70kph, because in my head its just wrong to go this fast wearing nothing but lycra and a hard hat.

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