bike weight and performance?

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by sawyer

I think I saw the same guy too on a Guru, though the encounter was rather different.

He was incoherent, rambling and drooling, and, not wishing to unduly extend the encounter, I made my excuses politely and gave the pedals what I considered the gentlest of tickles. Somewhat to my surprise, seconds later from close behind the panicked sound of rapid shallow breathing, expletives a-plently, a pair of maladroit gear changes, and then as the grand finale an awful sound, reminiscent of a goat having it's throat slit - brought back memories of trekking in the Hindu Kush in the gap year. When I next glanced round to check on the poor cove he was 400m or so back, slumped over the bars convulsing.

Sounds like the same guy though
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by Weenie

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by Nefarious86

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