Chinese knock off helmets

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by tmr5555

Discussing these ill reputable helmets is like sharing fake news articles. We're just helping the semination of garbage.
The "they're Styrofoam, how hard can it be(:/)" remarks don't help, sorry. There are 50 buck helmets from reputable vendors all over the place. For god's sake this could be a matter of grave consequences.
Please stop with the "what if" or "other helmets are too expensive at 400 bucks" arguments. buy a 50 buck helmet.
Don't do this guys. Don't make cycling great again.

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by JackRussellRacing


Crash wearing a high end-end helmet -- you'll probably walk away with a smashed ego, maybe some cuts and bruises, but you likely won't suffer TBI (or worse).

Ask me how I know: This September, I shattered a Lazer helmet, destroyed a Pinarello, shredded some Assos bibbs, leaked plenty of blood, and yet I still went home and hugged my family that same afternoon. I will *never* cheap out on a helmet. Price is zero consideration for this single piece of equipment.

by Weenie

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by L3X

Haha Chinese knock off helmets, are you kidding me... I only see two options:
1. You buy one, if you crash hard there's nothing in your skull to damage anyway - so you'll be fine
2. You buy a properly tested helmet from a respectable company, if you crash hard there is something in your skull to damage - so you will hopefully be fine

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by Rondje

tmr5555 wrote:Don't do this guys. Don't make cycling great again.

:lol: :lol:

Personally I would never safe money/ take a chance on things that concern my safety and well being. Like said above, you can buy a cheaper helmet from a respected brand, it's not like we are forced to buy the expensive lightweight/aero helmets.

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by MichaelB

From my younger motorcycling days, I remember a Bell helmets ad

"If you have a $10 head, by a $10 helmet"

I think my head is worth more than most of the bits on my bike, so I've invested well.

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by Marin

What about those of us who don't wear a helmet on every ride? Knockoff better than nothing?

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by mattr

Genuine aren't significantly better than nothing......

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by antonioiglesius

There's that line of thinking that cyclists tend to be more cautious when they don't have a helmet, and vice versa. That feels like it's true, though I don't think I've seen any stats about that.

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by AJS914

What about those of us who don't wear a helmet on every ride? Knockoff better than nothing?

Why does it matter if a knockoff is better than nothing? The point is the same.

Personally, I refuse to pay $200-300+ for a helmet. I think it's a rip off. I wanted a Giro Aeon but went for an Atmos II. A 25 gram weight penalty but you can get it for under $100.

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by 5 8 5

mattr wrote:Problem with knock offs/fakes/replicas/whatever is you don't know what they've done to the process parameters. The variety in grades/densities/etc can be marked, just be turning a dial down a couple of points to speed the process up.

They might not even have the cage inside the foam structure. Just bits of rod to hold the straps.

Exactly, you don't know what you're getting.

Saw an article in a magazine where a real and a fake Specialized Evade were compared. The fake was visually a good copy but it was not surprisingly very cheaply made. The foam was not as dense as the original and it didn't have a rollcage so would have collapsed in a crash.
It did have a good Weight Weenie attribute though, it was 40-50g lighter than the real one :roll:

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by OJ

I used to ride for years and years sans helmet. However, knock off chinese helmet just seems like waste of money." onclick=";return false;

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by Stolichnaya

It used to be that Red Bull only provided branded helmets to sponsored athletes.
They may allow branding for some limited runs these days.

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by mcbbcn

Not sure I'm trusting my head to Chinese quality :)

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by jimaizumi

I did notice that Ebay had some "Redbull" Kask Mojito's being offered from a Chinese seller. Wouldn't want to touch that w/ a ten foot pole. probably just to pay up and get the real thing just for the sakes of ridding any "what if" concerns..
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by Stolichnaya

The KASK Mojito is already a super value, why try to cut a corner on a questionable knock off?

by Weenie

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