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by pletharoe

The time has come to get a dad bike - the ww road bike will still get used, but I need something to take the little man to school on. I can't imagine riding one of those hideous 'sit up and beg' contraptions, but I don't think a kid's seat would work well on a 6.3kg bike.

Is there a middle ground? I'm sure plenty of people on here have wrestled with the same conundrum. Budget $1-1.5k.

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by lrdunc

I'm sure others here will have much better suggestions, but what about something like the Specialized Sirrus? I'm not sure, but it seems like it might work for you.


I think that this has rear rack holes that could be used for a kids seat? :noidea:

Or maybe a Trek Lync?


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by AJS914

For that kind of use, I'd get something relatively inexpensive and used. Do you have a mountain bike? How about a 29er with two sets of wheels or one set of wheels if you don't ride off road?

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by pletharoe

Thanks, the Specialized looks good. Hadn't thought of a 29er, but that might be a good option. I guess that I'll have to be fairly upright, otherwise my son's centre of gravity will be above mine, making control tricky.

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by dereksmalls

Ritchey Swiss Cross with disc wheels? My mate has one and just rode the length of New Zealand on it fully laden down with bikepacking gear so it would handle a bike seat fine

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by Geoff

I got a Cannodale Hooligan for that purpose!

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by sanddancer

Thule Chariot attached to your bike of choice.


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by Lelandjt

Beach cruiser. Casual style beats "trying" any day. The short cranks, low gear and fat tires will give you a great workout and improve your spin. I zip around town on my beachie all day.

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by AJS914

Personally, I'd never feel comfortable riding with my child on a bike mounted carrier. The risk/reward seems too great. The Chariot looks better if you can ride trails without traffic.

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by Rondje

What country do you live in? We use our "normal/daily" bikes for that. Dutch style bike with children seats: Comfy and easy to use (just watch out when you put your leg over the top tube :P)

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by MoPho

If your kid is old enough, I recommend the Weehoo Turbo trailer, much more fun and easier to pull on trails and such than a two wheeled trailer


Check out the website, they show people taking kids mountain biking and over some tricky terrain with it.


I bought it because I have a kid with special needs and needed something he could be strapped into with a harness. He loves it and I've done a couple 30+ mile rides with him.

I use a Giant Seek modified with hydro disc brakes (from cable)


( I've since slammed the stem and added a longer seat post :mrgreen: )


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