Good 4 Bike Rack for High End Carbon bikes?

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by CanadianBiker

I can't find a Kuat reseller in Montreal Canada.

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by FIJIGabe

Check online. I ordered mine from Competitive Cyclist when they had a sale going on.
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by Weenie

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by eaglejackson

FIJIGabe wrote:Your Aeolus 7's should work with not problem on the KUAT. I have 404's which are only 12mm less than the 7's and there's no lack of strap when securing the rear wheel.

Not an issue with the 1Up, for what it's worth, since it only touches the tires. You can use whatever rim depth you want.

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by zulu695

I got mine here with the add-on (4 bikes), Ottawa not far from Montreal. Maybe they can ship. It is a great bike rack!

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by siriz75

anyone have any experience with the Swagman line of trailer hitch racks?

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by airkon

Another option could be the Seasucker bike racks. ... -bike-rack

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by thp

Kuat NV 2.0, improvements are nice and you can use it with/without the extension so you don't always have to carry 4 bikes. Integrated work stand is a nice perk.

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by jimborello

+1 Kuat NV. It is expensive but it looks nice and it is very handy. The tallest rim height that fits in the back wheel is 70mm so if you have a tt bike with deeper wheels yu will have to use soething else to fix it.

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by afalts

Huge, huge fan of the saris freedom superclamp 4. Only touches rubber (tires) - no frame, rim, or brake caliper contact (as the thule's and kuat have) that can leave marks or rub off paint.

As a Canadian where vehicular rust is often an issue, even bigger marks for the Saris because they don't rust (two of mine don't have any after 2 and 6 seasons of use). I had a Thule t2 rust through to the point the wheel trays fell off within 5 years.

I'd buy a one-up if the price wasn't so ridiculous as a Canadian.

Only complaint with the freedom is that it appears 'cheap-ish'. It uses a lot of plastic, and doesn't seem as solid as a t2 pro, but it has never been a problem, nor do I suspect it will be. And I use my racks a lot.

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by seanblurr

1 Up racks are really really good. Thule pales in comparison.
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by seanmolin

How much of a risk is there using a hanging rack? I've got a Saris Bones I've been using. I also don't have a trailer hitch on any of my vehicles (or any way of installing one), so I hope I'm not screwed.

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