So much for helping out the LBS...

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by nismosr

mattr wrote:Doesn't help when ambrosio can't even decide what the ERD is.

according to the PDF it's 617

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by mattr

The last rims i got from Ambrosio weren't the ERD stated by Ambrosio, or the ERD on the calculators i used.

I measured and went from there.

by Weenie

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by mr4fox

DanW wrote:In fairness to them Chinese rims are notoriously out of spec when it comes to selecting spoke length based on manufacturer measurements. The only way to get it right is to try as Xena says which may or may not have been possible at the time you dropped in. It also bugs me when people say they are helping out the LBS but that is getting a little OT...

I haven't had any issues so far using Chinese carbon rims fro Asiancyclexpress(recommend the Ushape tubular rims!) or Hongfu(spoke holes started cracking after ~7000k) using the supplied erd's. But mistakes happen I guess.

I'd be annoyed if the bike shop had measured/calculated the spoke lengths and then told me they were incorrect after I'd already ordered them. If they used the erd supplied by Farsport which turned out to be incorrect then I'd understand it...but twice? Sounds a bit dodgy to me. But mistakes happen. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen a third time.

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by mdeth1313

So the wheel is ready, I need to pick it up tomorrow or Saturday. Just by comparison, I picked up a used set of extralite hubs and had fairwheelbikes build them up. They got the hubs on Monday and the wheels were built and shipped by Wed and I'll have them early next week.
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by F45

Last wheelset I did, I measured everything meticulously and still had to take the spokes to the local cutter to take 2mm off. Sucks.

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