Bib leg grippers/tightness

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by KWalker

Does anyone have any tips for getting silicone leg grippers grippy again? Maybe some light sanding? Anything to shrink legs to get the bibs tight/not riding up again?
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by Weenie

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by Wingnut

There's "Shoe Goo" which is used by surfers, scuba divers to repair wetsuits etc...maybe dab some of this on with a thin's like liquid silicone but longer lasting and more grip?

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by wojchiech

shoe goo dries too hard and would most likely dig into your skin if used on the bands of warmers.

silicone adhesive sealant from any hardware store is very similar in consistency to stock grippers on warmers. I've used it on the backs of my sunglasses, backs of headbands, sealing wiring on the lighting system on my commuter, etc.

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by WannabeWeenie

There is a polyurethane wetsuit glue called Aquaseal/Aquasure that may fit the bill. Unlike Shoe Goo, it stays soft and pliable aftet curing even down into low temperatures. Just don't let evaporating toluene touch your skin or get into your lungs as it cures.

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by micky

I had this kind of problem with my team's clothing; grippers wouldnt....grip!
The only solution I found was getting the shorts 1cm tightened at the end of the leg (where there's the elastic).
It didnt resolve totally the problem but helped a bit.

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by Devon

Buy better shorts? I've never heard of an issue like this

by Weenie

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by nathanong87

just let them ride up like voeckler , start tanning season again.

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