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by RimClencher

I bought a wheel build kit from BHS a few months ago and had a local wheel builder put them together. The rear hub became unrideable after after a couple of hundred km, so I contacted Brandon to see what could be done. I found clumps of metal filings behind the freebody, and the wheel hardly turns when the axle end caps are tightened even hand tight. My problem is not so much that, but the 2 weeks it takes Brandon to respond to emails.

Is this typical?

I hope I haven't been put on a leave-two-weeks-before-each-reply list (and hope that maybe he will read this message and get back to me). I know I should probably stop moaning and just get out and ride my other wheels.. but I need a small moan every now and then.

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I've always had quick responses when dealing with BHS. Maybe they are just super busy this time of year? :noidea:
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by Weenie

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by dofman

Always had good communication with Brandon and I've bought a few times from him.

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by beeatnik

Best way to get in touch is to use the chat on the site. Or you could call him. I spent about 30 min chatting with him last week. He's a hands on cat.

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by grover

Just sent him an email asking if veloplugs fit well in his c22w rim. 10 minutes later he'd had his mechanic test the fit and responded. Rims/spokes/front hubs BHS is a great source. I've used cheap hubs from other sources previously and always regretted it. The freehub mechanism is such a crucial part of your ride that I don't skimp. I'd say best case scenario get a partial refund on the rear hub and rebuild the wheel with a DT 240/Campy/Shimano.

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by 4536

Communication with BHS problems? I think there is just a mislabeled, misplaced email or something like that. I have always had quick accurate replies.
Secondly, on the hub. I don't care much for DT ratcheting. They make my bike slow. If you are having a problem with pawls, it may be the spacer is too loose on the freewheel side. Some of the lightweight aluminum thru axles are threaded, and can appear tight when they are not.

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by xnavalav8r

Apart from a possible holiday/vacation I can't imagine why you wouldn't get a same-day reply. I've always gotten same-day answers.

by Weenie

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by RimClencher

I got an email the day after I posted the first message in this thread offering a generous refund on the hub. I replied to that message the next day with a question on hub dimensions but have yet to see a reply to that message. He sent the refund as a PayPal payment to the email address of our correspondence, even though I never mentioned having a PayPal account.

My experience seems non-typical based on others in this thread, but it's the only experience I've had and based on that I doubt I'll try and buy something from there again.

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