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by jooo

chipomarc wrote:Very interesting frame being ridden by @aussiejessmac in tonight's elite women's Crit at the Aussie #RoadNats


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by mattr

That delta 7 stuff must almost be retro by now!

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by tcurtbike

MattBeOne wrote:Digging this new jersey from Gaint-Alpecin?!
I certainly am!

They've certainly thought hard about those two stripes:


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by wingguy

And it works. As soon as I saw those two stripes I felt challenged to further my personal development in an innovative new sports environment. Now I understand why! :wink:

And Alpecin, aren't they the "Doping for your hair" people? I really hope they've found a new slogan...

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by Tillquist

Why a new thread about pro cycling, this one thread has been running fine since March 2010? viewtopic.php?f=14&t=75179
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by ave

Exitt Quick Step on Power2max.

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by KWalker

And note that they are BUYING their own powermeters instead of going with the standard sponsorships
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by ParisCarbon

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by maquisard

More black team kit for Cannondale - Garmin, in a peloton of black, the only winners are the sponsors of teams who aren't in black. Tinkoff-Saxo, Europcar etc. On the upside though, the team issue POC Octal helmets in green look very nice.

As for Power2Max on Quickstep, SRM have very little if anything to differentiate themselves in the market nowadays. New products like the PC8 are very late to market and with features that were available from competitors years ago. They are also personally responsible for their own demise with their ludicrous pricing.

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by pastronef

speaking about power meters, Giant-Alpecin will use Pioneer (they were with SRM last years)

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by ave

> they are BUYING their own powermeters

There is no better acknowledgement for a powermeter. One of the best teams BUY them. ;)

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by djconnel

I'm not sure all teams understand power meters. However, "in principle" Power2Max is the only spider-based meter which gets crank rotational rate right, AFAIK, and would therefore work in low-inertial, eccentric chainring, and rapid acceleration cases (Alex Simmons recently analyzed this last case on his blog).

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by DanW

There is no better acknowledgement for a powermeter. One of the best teams BUY them.

They also have a ton of bikes to kit out so "best" doesn't necessarily mean the out and out best PM but more the best within budget. Power2Max does seem to have a lot going for it though as DJ says

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by weekapaugin

Pretty disappointed in the lack of creativity and design for the Cannondale-Garmin team bikes. I get that green is Cannondale's color, but you would think they would revamp it at least a little bit considering it's an entirely new team, new sponsorship, etc., rather than just use their standard "team" paint that is found in their normal product lineup. The current stock paint/graphics offerings on Cannondale's road line is pretty blah/half-assed already, this seems like it would have been a good opportunity to breathe some life into it.

Their kits aren't bad looking, adding more green across the back will help differentiate from the rest of the predominantly black kit'd peloton.

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by petepeterson

Cannondales graphics are too busy and dated in my opinion. Particularly on the supersix.

And the TT bike is hideous.

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