Benefits of tight shorts and jersey?

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by ANV

Btw. I won't look for an increase in your average speed.. There are too many factors which are affecting avaredge speed.. Like wind, sleep, gouprides, surface, Hilly flat etc...


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by drainyoo

ANV wrote:I would go for the assos s7 t equipe. They have a all new cut. I also owned the older assos model. Improvements are:

- The straps are moved out to the side so they won't rub your nipple
- The chammy is only sewed on the front and on the back which takes a lot of genital pressure.
- And due to we are on weight weenies they got lighter ;)

I already rode some 200km+ rides in them and they are superb. In my opinion. But in the end every bib will be better then no bib ;)

Ride safe!

Thanks, I will check that out.

What is the difference between a $250 bib and a $80 bib? I assume the quality of the material, but is the expensive one going to be that much better? Maybe it lasts longer? Would it be more comfortable?

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by Franklin

Don't focus on brand but on fit. Not everyone fits Assos or Sportful or Castelli. Heck, even years can give issues between the same listed items (hello Assos)!

And well, I'd say above 75 dollars for bibs gains become marginal at best (note: I only buy at sales, so my 75 is not list price). With Assos, Giro and Rapha you pay for the brand, even though it's generally good kit and certainly not a stupid choice.

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by ave

h/r belts will procude spikes on fast descents when wearing a loose jersey.

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by ANV

In my opinion there is a difference. But they sure have to fit. Assos has for many people too long legs. So they finish just above the knee and are really loose. No problem in my case.. Im 188cm. There is a difference in quality, material, customer service etc. (assos has superb customer service. A guy crashed and damaged his jersey and pants which e just bought 10 days ago... full repair for free.. almost invisible.) They also designed there new product fairly long. (Here some merchandise: )
I think bibs are really important. For me there is nothing more uncomfortable then pain in the lower back part or in the ass. Why spend 5k on a bike and look for the cheapest bibs ;)

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by djm

I agree with you ANV, the s7 t.equipe is really nice. I've ridden a couple of thousand kms in mine and they are my new favourite. Especially nice in hot weather as there is less fabric covering the torso, compared to the older style Assos (and other brands).

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by jvanv8

Good to hear some positive feedback on the s7 T'Equpe.. I considered it and almost pulled the trigger, but reviews are mixed with the new design. I'm thinking a second pair of Body Paint 2.0 instead... prove me wrong.
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by mattr

ANV wrote:In my opinion there is a difference.
It is a very significant case of diminishing returns though.
A $60 pair of shorts may well be twice as good as a $30 pair. But the difference between $125 and $250 will be all but unnoticeable. Except for the branding. Both will likely be 8 panel, have high quality materials, good cut, decent-to-excellent pad and so on. One will just cost twice as much.

And if the fit of the $250 pair is wrong (for you), you may well end up being more comfortable in the $30 pair!

And Assos are good, but you need to try them on the bike!
I've had shorts that fit well when standing around, then bunch up and rub when hunched over on the bike, my first assos almost turned me into a castrato when i put them on. Really comfortable when on the bike.........

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by xnavalav8r

I am jumping in late and have not read all the responses in this thread. To the original poster, I use Verge Sport Primo Power shorts and jerseys. They are the closest fitting and most comfortable kit I have ever used. Here are the benefits I see to wearing tight shorts and jersey.

1. Close fit = no chafing.
2. Close fit = no flapping fabric which I find irritating.
3. Close fit = aero.
4. Close fit = better moisture management (sweat wicking).


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by drainyoo

Thanks again for all the great advice. A lot of you are mentioning the importance of fit with a bib, but other than getting the correct size for me, what other things do I need to look for to make sure the fit is right?

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by ScuderiaDouroux

You're a tall guy, right?

Capo fits really great for "American" sized individuals like myself. A lot of the grade A cycling apparel is made for shorter/smaller European folks (no offense), so Capo is a way to get high quality Italian made bibs & jerseys that don't look like Daisy Dukes or baby Ts.
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by stella-azzurra

The proper clothing for road cycling is supposed to fit like a second layer of skin. The reason for that is so that it wicks away sweat. It cannot perform what was advertised to do unless it touches your skin.
You don't want to ride 100 miles with clothing flapping in the wind do you? maybe you like that sort of thing your choice. You don't want to look like the Michelin man and you don't want to be looking like a flag on a pole. Clothes have to be selected like the frame you ride on.
The European sizes are 1 (at most 2) sizes (based on the manufacturer) smaller than the American sizes.
Most clothing manufacturers will have the European size and the equivalent American sizes so you get the right size no matter what. Now on the subject of wearing tight clothing and homophobia we can discuss in a separate thread. :lol:
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by xnavalav8r

One other important thing to consider is placement of the chamois. If the pad doesn't sit right beneath you, it can't perform its job. So it is important to try on the shorts and actually sit on a bike in your riding position.

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by lippythelion

I'm chipping in here late too, but higher end clothing tends to endure repeated laundering better than the budget brands.

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by Getter

I started with the same mindset. I wore my MTB jerseys and shorts...until one really windy day. The buffeting from the wind on my flappy shirt and shorts was horrible. Next ride out I wore my roadie kit...after that...I'll never go back to flappy on my road bike.

Once you try will not want to go back to flappy.

Flappy does not make me happy.

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