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by fletch62

No, not more fluro and bright coloured lycra.
A comment in the Pro discussion got me thinking the other day.
With the number of crashes in the Giro and other races, as well general public on the roads, is there any form of safety inspired cycling clothing to prevent road rash?
It seems current clothing is getting thinner & thinner, ie: Sky's mesh outfits, why havent any manufacturers adopted a safety/protective aspect into the clothing. Maybe shorts could have hip padding of some form.

I remember seeing an ad for motorbike jeans with built in kevlar to prevent road rash without the hassle of wearing leathers.
Perhaps something like this, with kevlar woven into the lycra could help prevent or reduce this:

by Weenie

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by mattr

It'd have to be so thick and heavy and well restrained to prevent that sort of grazing that no one would wear it.

Easiest option is to wear two thin layers, gives an extra bit of slide before you start shredding skin.

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by natiedean24

Maybe someday. My risk of crashing is so low I would never give up any comfort or ventilation for crash protection.

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by stella-azzurra

Maybe wear a Keirin suit. They got some nice pads under there. :lol: :lol:

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by vidman

There is some new fabric in the works that has tiny ceramic dots bonded to it that slide on the road rather than grab and rip.
Apparently some cycling clothing manufacturers are working on using it.

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by efeballi

I've seen bib shorts with hexagonal padding on the sides. Tried it on and it wasn't very comfortable, and I'm sure it'd leave hexagonal marks on the skin when you take it off.
For the jersey I agree with the above... No one would wear it.

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by nickl

I think this is a good idea. I've noticed from my crashes that if I am wearing tights over shorts the tights slide over the shorts and I don't get (much) road rash. It's comfortable, too.

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by maquisard

Indeed, multiple layers are the key. Always were an undervest even on the warmest days as you will appreciate it in a fall. Similarly never go riding without gloves!

by Weenie

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by fletch62

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