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by indigo


Wondering who has read "Read the Race", co-authored by Chris Horner. There are Amazon reviews, I am more curious as to what Weenies think.


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by aaric

Decent read. Pretty straight forward racing logic. Horner doesn't write the book, just has blurbs about his experiences in the chapters.

Overall, it was a bit less than I expected. Still good to reinforce some of the tactics / observations I've made in my brief foray into racing. Probably a good book for all beginning racers to read though.

by Weenie

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by eric

Tactics are very important to racing. If you don't know much about them this is a good book to learn them. I think it's a bit better than Prehn's book on the same subject, though that one is not bad by any means. Similar content but a little livelier making it easier to read.

The book is pretty much all written by Smith, with sidebars by Horner. Those are often interesting anecdotes, so they add to the text.

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by rma

I have found it to be a really nice book for a real beginner-intermediate cyclist like me.

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by HammerTime2

On October 24, 2013 in "PRO" Cycling Discussion, HammerTime2 wrote:
http://velopress.com/books/reading-the-race/ wrote:Reading the Race
Bike Racing from Inside the Peloton
Jamie Smith with Chris Horner

In Reading the Race, race announcer Jamie Smith and veteran road captain Chris Horner team up to deliver a master class in bike racing strategies and tactics. Armed with strategies and tactics learned over thousands of races, cyclists and cycling fans will learn how to read a race—and see how to win it.

Bike racing is called a rolling chess game for a reason. Sure, a high pain threshold and a killer VO2max are helpful. But if you’re in it to win it, you need race smarts, and a little undetectable help. Starting breaks, forming alliances, microdoping, managing a lapped field, setting up a sprint—on every page, Horner and Smith reveal new secrets to faster racing and better results.

Smith and Horner dissect common mistakes, guiding riders with lessons learned from decades of racing experience. Reading the Race reveals the veteran’s eye view on:

Assembling the best possible team
Crafting strategies around the team, course, and rivals
Reacting instantly to common scenarios
Releasing bio passport data without understanding it
Making deals and combines
Breaks, echelons, blocking
Pack protocol and etiquette
Finishing in the prize money or on the podium
Winning the group ride

Whether you’re a new racer, an aspiring pro, a team manager, or even a roadside fan, Reading the Race will elevate your cycling IQ and hemoglobin for better racing.

Paperback with illustrations throughout.
7″ x 9″, 256 pp., $18.95, 9781937715106

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by ichobi

Yes, really good book if you are new in to racing scene. Solid tactics explanation with some graphic illustration too. Engaging writing and easy to digest.

by Weenie

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by indigo

Thanks for the feedback, copy on way to my kindle.

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