Specialized at it again...now Neil Pryde

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by bombertodd

bura wrote:Mike ,which lesson has been learned?
Nothing.As the NP case shows.
I do not care about your statements .
Specialized is acting like a fool.
Try to ban everything. If it does get bad publicity , then come with a foolish statement.
No Specialized products anymore.

According to Facebook, Mike is aware and supports the actions. :doh:

Saw this today:
http://bikesnobnyc.blogspot.hk/2014/04/ ... z.html?m=1
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by SLCBrandon

Whos Facebook Mike?

by Weenie

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by bombertodd

"In July 2013 we reached out to NeilPryde Bikes to figure out a solution on a bike name that was similar to one of ours, Allez, in addition to their use of the trademarks “Epic” and “Innovate or Die”. We were able to agree on a solution in December. We want to thank the NeilPryde crew for working with us on this. We’d also like to congratulate them on their new name, ‘NAZARE’ and we wish them the best success in their efforts."
-Mike Sinyard

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by tharmor

SLCBrandon wrote:I love how black or white this board is. I'm assuming the demographic here is mostly educated, well to do people. This is so much more multi-layered than it's being given credit for. But, hell, let's all just be amateur lawyers on the Internet! Yay!

A lot of people here "have it all figured out". Congratulations.

Please enlighten us then. Adelante!

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by mellowJohnny

grid256 wrote:I believe in legal speak this is a called a phonetic equivalent.

Except that "Allez" is two syllables (al-lay), whereas Alizé is three (al-lee-say). Not sure how the suits think that's confusing...

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by Leviathan

Spezalised lawyers must be thinking christmas come early this year : http://www.bikeradar.com/road/news/arti ... ter-40768/
Fairly sure the three names make up a French irregular verb : Alé, Allez, Alizé

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by mdeth1313

Interesting read from Sammy Hagar's book, "RED". Apparently he was in on the rise of mountain bikes and had his Red Rocker mtn bike when Specialized came out with their Rock Hopper (in red & black, much like Sammy Hagar's bikes). Too bad Sammy didn't have the foresight to do to Sinyard what he's doing to everyone else. The first 2 pages are the background and the 3rd page is where Sammy draws his conclusion.



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