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by russianbear

Just curious what stands everyone is using. Park? Something home made? I'm in the market to get a stand, preferably something that folds up and wanted to see what you guys and gals have.

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by mattr

Folds up and goes most places with us.......

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by Juanmoretime

PRS-20. Works great for the most part. I have to pad the area where the stand holds the bottom bracket with my tt bike since it has a lower section that covers the tire and extends below the bottom bracket. The bike is a Scott Plasma 2. Minor work around since it works well with all my other bikes.

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by thprice

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by BikeAnon

Spin Doctor (like this, not my pic). Made in Japan. $80 or so. Folds well, stable enough for anything I do. I've had it maybe 10 years. Prior to that, I never had a stand.

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by carbon2329

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by Geoff

+1 for the PRS-20.

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by aaric

Feedback sports sprint. Also have a park PCS-10 for when I am doing work that requires a front wheel, or bottom bracket cable routing.

Both are very good for their purpose

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by boysa

Another PRS-20. Great stand.
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by sugarkane

FeedbAck stands for me. They have an awesome tool tray too

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by russianbear

Thanks for turning me onto the euro style stands like the elite race and prs20, really like the set up. Looks to be smaller and lighter than clamp stands too.

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by sstefanov

Park PCS9 user here

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by velonista

Who you callin' a "bike work stand"? :x


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by Geoff

Light ain't an advantage with a stand. In the wind, your beautiful ride can get blown right over with a light stand...

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by emorydptt

I use a Feedback Sports Pro-Elite workstand.
details: ... P91C1.aspx

I really like it because it is not a clamp style for fear of damaging seat tubes. You push the clamp area closed around a tube and tighten with a knob. Then there is a quick release button. The stand is very versitile and well built.
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