Full Zip Jerseys suck

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by limba

I like full zip.

Rapha make nice full and 3/4 zip jerseys.


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by Anaszi

I'm with you, I prefer 3/4 zips but I don't mind full zips.

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by desperado95219

Full zips only. As stated earlier, if you wear bibs, 3/4 zips are a pain.

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by boots2000

I would never own/wear a jersey that is not full zip.
Also, I would not ride for a club/team that does not have full zip
as an option.

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by Rick

Full zip seems unnecessary;
but 1/4 Zip is not enough, and 3/4 zip just looks ugly.
I am still looking for that perfect 31/64th zip.

Are you reading this Castelli ? 15/32nds would probably be close enough. :noidea:

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by Geoff

You don't need to cut-off a full-zip jersey...

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by robhall2003

My vote goes to full zip. On and off way easier.

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

I prefer a full zip and I open it up completely in the heat of summer on long extended climbs. They're much, much cooler wide open than a semi-zip.

Hey, look at me - I'm Andy Schleck!

Edit: I'm too fat to be confused with Andy or Frank. Even so...

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by Shortsocks

wojchiech wrote:I only like full zips because they're so much easier to take on & off. After long rides I'm sometimes so tired that it's hard to lift my arms over my head. :lol:

I agree with you. I personally like full zips. Much easier to vent fully in Texas summers. But whats easy, is that when im a sweating mess, its super easy to take off....when youre tired. Exactly what you said. :P

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by Juanmoretime

Yet another example of why full zipper are the best. Got caught in a heavy down pour last night. My cycling jersey was clinging so tight that anything but a full zipper I would have been standing there struggling to get off some very cold clothing. Wet and cold and I wanted out of my clothes as quick as I could.

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by NealH

I learned a long time ago full zips are the way to go, and for the reasons stated in this thread. In fact several years ago I took my partial zip jerseys and sent them to Col d'Lizard to install full zips in them. Worked out great.

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by derek

Zips belong to jeans.

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by ToffieBoi

I prefer full zip too, but I don't like unzipping them all the way.

Reason is faster clothing and unclothing. I really hate taking off my wet, tight jersey after the long ride in a really hot day and struggle...
I also started to wear a meshed base layer and found it more refreshing than unzipping jersey all the way. I have one ¼ zipped jersey and wore it on some really hot days. Not ideal but I could survive.

And also cold beer at the beach after the ride :D

Anyways, back to topic. Rapha has some ¾ zipped jersey which you may like.

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