What WeightWeenies Feel After an Accident

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by HillRPete

My last crash was a few years ago -- entering a tight switchback on the down, going slowly because there was some grit on the street. Just when laying the bike over, I had a flat in the front, and the bike went down immediately. With my hands in the drops for braking, I was too slow to catch the fall, and slammed my elbow into the road. It hurt for over a week or so, but not so bad I was getting a check up. Bike had only a few scratches, and skin on the elbow grew back too. But something must have been damaged in my shoulder, it's just not the same any more. Skin and bones grow back relatively well, but ligament damage can be quite nasty, as there's no easy fix.

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by tymon_tm

right after the accident i had like a decade ago i delibrately harmed my bike to get the full compensation. otherwise the insurance company (i was hit by a car) would pay me for a broken fork and maybe add few bucks for service. as far as i loved that bike, i'd never ever trust the frame, bars, or even the wheels again after hitting the tarmac so hard...
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by shoemakerpom2010

Money is money and there will always be ways to buy new parts but you only get one body. As much as I love riding with cool lightweight parts I wouldn't hesitate on a crash over a broken handlebar if I thought I would get worse bodily injured. The way I look at it gives me a reason to buy new so I never get that attached to what I have too long especially with all the cool products people buy on this board.... :mrgreen:

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by kode54

a pile up crash (8 riders, only 3 ended up crashing together) took out my head tube on my Parlee Z5 SL.tore it right off. sent to Parlee for inspection, etc. and came back with not repairable. crash replacement was on the high side, so luckily, i found the same frame and size here on WW. i'm gluten for punishment getting the same bike, but hey, i love the way the Parlee Z5 rides and fits me. its the price i have to pay to stay with it. luckily, no one was injured...badly...and surprisingly, not many scrapes. speed was 28mph...so it could've been worse. my Enve cockpit and wheels had no damage whatsoever.

no regrets.
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by ToffieBoi

My main concern was about the regret, if anyone who had accident regret that they have really expensive, light parts.

So far, no one mentioned this so I am a bit surprised :D

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by sugarkane

I after all this stacked it 2 days ago getting caught in the rain on the way home on an off camber corner that was greasy.. I hit the ground still clipped In suffering serious cosmetic damage and the bike which un clipped after impact only suffered minor cosmetic damage. I do have full insurance though and any thing broken would have been replaced.
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by eric

I'd regret my WW parts if they caused me to crash!

Otherwise no, unless its something that's not replaceable.
I'd be sad if my 2009 Cervelo R3SL was damaged because I like it and there aren't too many frames I'd want as a replacement.

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