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by rene5311

Where do you live fijigabe? I was raised in McAllen. I get your impulse even if I would make a different choice

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by FlemishCompact

Fijigabe may or may not have been sarcastic

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by Powerful Pete

Let us stay off the firearms topic, gentlemen. Thank you.
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by Dozer

I'm a foreigner living in south China. So, I carry ID in Chinese language including emergency contacts, about $40usd worth of cash and my phone all in a double zip lock bag. I used to do single bags, but getting caught in heavy rain happens a couple times a year and I want that extra layer to make sure I don't ruin my phone. My key goes in my jersey pocket by itself since it cuts the zip lock back too easily. Plus, losing it really isn't that big of a deal since the wife can always let me back in. :)

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by mjduct

Fat skinny wallets, on rides and every day... iPhone is in a lifeproof case with the water warranty so no worries there

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by Guerdi

That Kahr PM9 is even smaller than a glock 26, nice.

I for one do not carry such an item when riding (would not fit in my size XS jersey's pockets :D), but I put money, ID, etc in that little piece :


Handmade by Freitag in Switzerland, light, reasonnably waterproof. Made from used truck tarpaulins and available in many colours.

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by JimWeekend

I once wiped and tried to roll onto my back to absorb the impact- I had an imprint of just about everything that were in my pockets. Then the bruising came :shock:

I thank the cycling lords that I didn't bring my loose allen key with me that day. I puncture to the Kidney I heard hurts.

I've been using the Sticky Pod for 2 weeks now and it's pretty awesome plus my buddies were impressed the first time I whipped it out. Most important for me though, is that it's pretty well padded and also keeps my small stuff together. I got a large for the weekend rides and a small for the ones after work. I'd recommend them to anybody whose searching for a Jersey Wallet :thumbup:



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