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by FlemishCompact

What's everyone using to stash their cash/card, key/s, etc... during their rides. I generally carry a credit card, a small amount of cash, ID, and a key with me during my rides, all within this small, clear, plastic pouch that you would normally get with a small parts order somewhere.

It's light but not durable at all. My key always punches through the bottom of the pouch, facilitating the need for another, similarly flimsy pouch.

I recently ran across one of these bad boys on the Mash SF site and was wondering if there were any non-branded/generic alternatives to something like this? It has to be fairly durable and large enough to fit the items mentioned above. ... sey-wallet


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by kode54

i just use a small ziplock bag. i have a heat sealer, so i make mine to size. when that gets trashed, i make a new one. its enough protection to keep things dry and phone, cash, ID and health card.
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by FlemishCompact

I thought about fashioning one with a zip lock bag and some tape, but I definitely want something more aesthetically pleasing.

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by BeeSeeBee

I have a neoprene sleeve I stick my cards, cash, key, and phone in. It helped keep my phone unscratched when I crashed a few years ago and the whole thing came out of my jersey pocket.

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by G60

These come in packs of 3 with minimal branding.

Bontrager makes/sells one with a small Bontrager logo, but apparently believe people will spend $14.99 for one plastic pouch.

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ALAN Carbon+
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by ALAN Carbon+

I use one of the Lezyne Caddy Sacks which works quite well.

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by FlemishCompact

Hmm. The Caddy Sack looks like a solid product, but it seems redundant for me to carry such a large pouch since I use a saddle roll to carry my tube/co2/lever.

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by Rick

Another ziploc sandwich bag devotee. I wrap a rubber wristband around it to give it exterior "traction".
Cheap and easy to replace.

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by dogg

i just use an old cycling sock that lost its mate as a little pouch. holds my phone, id, and cash nice and snug and isn't any bigger than it needs to be. sounds a little ghetto but it works better than using a plastic baggy or zip up pouch imo. plus its got a cool pattern on it so i don't look like a pauper using his socks as a bag

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by kaaos

you can clean any screen print on these with Goof Off.

I am like you and don't like any logos on these, so I got my Jerseybin in right size and than simply wiped off all the print.
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by FIJIGabe

I use a ziplock freezer bag. They tend to be much more durable. I carry cash ($10), a CC, a copy of my ID and concealed carry license, an Oakley lense pouch to clean my glasses (with a pair of rubber gloves and a handiwipe inside), as well as some rewetting solution for my eyes. It seems like a lot, but it actually takes up less than half the bag, and there's plenty of space to put my iphone in (as well as my wife's), in case of rain.

Oh, and I carry the gloves and handiwipe for medical reasons. The last thing I want to do is use my bare hands on someone who may have fallen and catch something they may have. It has come in handy.
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by rijndael

I use a small Sticky Pod:

If you only want to fix the key poking through issue, I'd look for something like this: ... TNP6J1GZRD

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by kulivontot

I like timbuk2's mission cycling wallet. Very compact, waterproof

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by FlemishCompact

The aLOKSAK that G60 recommended is perfect, if not over-engineered for our purpose.

the Sticky pod and Mission cycling wallet are both great options, but I already have my tube and co2 in a saddle roll.

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by FlemishCompact

So I ended up ordering an ALOKSAK off ebay. It came as a 3 pack for around $7. It looks robust and is claimed to be waterproof. Thanks G60 for the recommendations.


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