Which *belgian* winter hat?

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by jockster

I am getting tired of the wind noise around my ears when doing my distance training and while there's still plenty of days with below 10 celcius where I ride, I thought I should get myself a belgian winter hat - you know, one of these classic looking hats with ear flaps.

There's obviously the expensive Rapha hat available along with the somewhat boring SealSkinz, but are there more options out there?

by Weenie

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by Horizons

Capo and Castelli make one as well.

I would get the Rapha one though, i love mine.

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by Rick

The Castelli is nice, well made, and warm; but I actually don't like the way the brim comes so low in the front. Either the brim restricts my forward vision, or I have to push it up until the hat is no longer protecting my forehead. The brim is stiff enough and big enough that I can't just flip it up, or then it interferes with helmet fit. I am very temptred to just cut the brim off, but that would leave an ugly looking cap. :lol:

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by russianbear

Prendas makes a winter hat with or without the brim: http://prendas.co.uk/list.asp?typ=typ&ID=59

I have a brimmed one and it's great for the winter, covers your ears entirely. If you get too warm you can roll up the back part and it'll only cover the top of your ears.

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by boots2000

Giro Ambient has a really short brim.

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by Rick

Ha! I just took some scissors and carefully cut my brim right off just below the seam. Loks like it will work perfectly and still looks good! :thumbup:

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by ayrej2

I normally just ride with a head band, but for the really cold days I wanted a cap.

So first I got the Rapha Deep Winter cap, which is really warm, but doesn't cover my ears properly and leaves a horrendous band mark across my forehead (which is normally still visible an hour after my commute in the office).

Next, I tried the Craft cap which is available in different sizes. So I got the Large version hoping to avoid the forehead line... but no joy and my ears also stick out of the bottom on that too!

That Giro Ambient looks good though, and available in sizes so that might be my next choice.

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by nathanong87

castelli risvolto is on sale now, and i really like mine. I've worn it through long rides at around 17*F and my head doesn't get cold. Other stuff get cold though =(

the only thing with hats like this, is fitting helmet over it. I go from a '2' setting on my specialized helmets size medium and max it out to '5', also full 'loose' in order to fit it over the winter hat. It's secure though. So if someone was like already maxed out on a medium or upper limit of sizing, and bought a winter hat, i doubt it would fit.

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by LouisN

When it's between 0°C and 10°C, I use this under the helmet. I guess you might find it "boring" too, like the SealSkins though...
What exactly do you mean by boring ? Not "trendy"... ?
http://www.wiggle.co.uk/gore-bike-wear- ... elmet-cap/
It's available in a zillion brands for very cheap. It does the job perfectly to keep the head warm.
Not too thick like the wool ones, fit correctly with a helmet that has a few "clicks" left on the retention system.
No "belgian style" cap though...

Louis :)

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by djm

Assos has a cap that covers the ears and supposedly doesn't mute everything else or produce a great deal of wind noise. Not sure if it being Swiss makes it Belgian, though.. nevertheless it is probably made in Romania.

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by carbonLORD

10° C is not cold enough for ear covers. If its 3° or lower then I'd agree.

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by Beancouter

I have a rapha winter cap I wear everyday in my short, but fast, work commute and have owned for over 3 years. On that basis I must like it (it certainly looks good)! That said, it was in the wash this week and reverted to my assos winter skull cap - I've got to say that the heat management in the Assos is significantly better. My main caveat is that rapha a more recent kit is more technical than the early stuff so may be better.

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by tcurtbike

Swrve from the US do a pretty nice Belgian cap - http://swrve.myshopify.com/collections/accessories/ - in a variety of colours/fabrics.

If their caps are anything like their shorts, which are excellent, I'd recommend.

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by knef

Walz Caps ! Great stuff.

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by r_mutt

The Castelli Rivolta is a winner.

by Weenie

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