Garmin Edge 500 Battery Replacement - How to / DIY / Guide

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by Miller

I did go ahead and replace the battery in my 520. I got the battery from for £21.49 and I bought a metal and plastic spudger (great word) set from ebay for £2.89.

Having watched a youtube video I went ahead and pried off the front screen. It is glued firmly in place but if you work round the edge methodically, it eventually comes off although some force is needed. Take care at the bottom RH corner where the ribbon cable lives.

Next, unscrew the circuit board and lift it out. Unplug the battery from the circuit board. The battery is stuck to the case but can be easily pried out.

I cut the wires from battery to speaker then soldered the speaker wires to the new battery. The new battery came with the necessary plug and wires. The old battery is 700mAh but the new one is rated as 600 mAh.

After this I reassembled. The Garmin started up fine but... no sound. I opened it up again and found the plug was slightly loose. Reassembled and all was good with those familiar beeps. To replace the screen I put a little bit of 'No More Nails' DIY glue round the edge and put a weight on the thing till the glue set.

It will be interesting to see how the battery life is from now on.

by Weenie

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by kode54

nice job! its a shame that Garmin is using a one-time foam seal. the one in my Edge 810 has a silicone reuseable seal.

i also noticed that there's no second circuit board for the speaker like on the 810...which is why you probably have to splice the wires with the battery.
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by miltmaster3

πατα τραβα ρε

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by nismosr

anybody try replacing the battery on the 820
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by TonyM

nismosr wrote:
Thu May 23, 2019 7:28 pm
anybody try replacing the battery on the 820
As I had the problem with the display being slowly defective (the edge started to "fade out") Garmin offered me a 50% discount on the battery replacement if I wanted to have this done beside the replacement of the display. Actually I received a refurbished Edge 820. I paid US$64 for the display and battery replacement.

Bonus for me was that I received a refurbished Edge 820 which was way newer than mine (I bought mine almost after the release). Everything is going much faster.
But hopefully my old Edge 820 will not be repaired and sent to a Garmin customer as refurbished.

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