Garmin Edge 500 Battery Replacement - How to / DIY / Guide

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by gmboy

How wonderful! It is really helpful. If I have a problem with my garmin 500, I'm gonna see this thread.

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by RedCoke

Billiant! How aobut 810? Is almost same?

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by sunki

Nice and thanks. Im gonna try 1000.

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by schmolke

Does anyone know if replacing the battery in the Edge 800 the same process ?

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by jimaizumi

schmolke wrote:Does anyone know if replacing the battery in the Edge 800 the same process ?

I changed the battery on my edge 800 6mths ago and the process is much much easier.. just unscrew the case, unplug the screen, exchange batteries, re-clip the screen, reattach cover and VOILA!!!! Easy pleasy, lemon squeezy..
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by saeie1

I'm using 520, but I think it's a good tip for a battery drain.
But I don't know if I can.

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by alanmclean

Thanks for great post. Has anyone a link to similar guide to change battery on a 520 please?
I've tried a simple search but can't see anything.


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by track01

Great guide. Might come in handy someday.

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by dorihun

Good information. Thanks for posting this.

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by kauphy

My Garmin was acting weird and I decided it was time to replace the battery (I'm hoping the battery was the root cause!). Thanks for posting this guide.

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by MichaelB

Hiya, my issue with my 520 is that when charging, the micro USB port needs some pressure for it to make contact.

Given that it's a surface mount jobbie, any tips for repair ?

Most realistic option is a refurb unit at A$141.96 (yep, that's the amount from the Garmin peeps here in Oz) and I've seena link for a company to repair the USB port, but they are in the USA and I'm in Oz, so that doesn't really work.

Anyone had this issue, and if so, what was your remedy ?

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by TonyM

Does anyone do the battery replacement on a 820?
Is the battery of the 820 the same as the 510?

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by dgasmd

Well, Ive had my 705 unit since they first came out. Works like on day one, but haven't tested how long the battery lasts as I put it back on the charger overnight after 2-3 uses. I would venture to guess the battery doesn't last 8 hr. I found some replacement batteries from amazon, so I may have my "home tech department", aka my 15 y.o. son, do this for me. He has taken iPhones apart so easily to replace so many things one would think he invented them himself LOL......Oh, the beauty when you have no idea of the work and effort that it took to buy it in the first place if you f....k it up!!

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by derrill

I appreciate you making this. I bought a Torx T5 screwdriver ("CRV" bit), but it seems that it doesn't fit the screws... Are you sure it's a T5? Maybe I should try a smaller bit? Or maybe I should just buy a Torx Screwdriver kit with many bits and just try everything? ... UTF8&psc=1

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