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by jo.k

Dimension as shown L:3500xW:2500, max L:6000, W:3000.
Control panel for adjustment of speed and inclination
Possible to hook up to computer with "control software"

Price: On request, but the RL2500E, shown below, will run you back 143.000,- NOK, roughly 23K USD.

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by HammerTime2

Rodby Innovation, has informed that the RL2500E and their other bicycle treadmill products, are not available in the United States, as they do not have a dealer there. That seems a shame. However, it may still be possible, with some effort, to get one in the United States - stay tuned.

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by rwajtb

I think if Kostya416 can get the Lynx trainer price down to $2000 it may become the 'hottest' trainer around and would definitely cut into the TACX market. I have both TACX and Wahoo Kickr trainers and would consider buying one at that price! I agree that adding a mechanism that would raise/lower the front end of the bike should be somewhat easy to implement (but maybe expensive?). Afterall, NordicTrack treadmills have a range of -6% - 40%. I think the real question would be how much would people be willing to pay for this added touch of realism?

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by jvanv8

I like the 'silent' claim a lot.
But for the price I don't see much of a reason to choose it over a Tacx Genius (for videos, racing, etc) or computrainer (for those big-data fans)
The videos are cheaper than Tacx, but also much shorter. Most of the videos seem to be around 1-1.5 hrs.
My only gripe about the Tacx Genius is that it's loud while descending (it's quiet while climbing and somewhere in-between on the flats).
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by glepore

Just a note to say that Veloreality's (Kostya's) customer service is second to none. Still working on a tech issue, but the support provided is phenomenal.
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by kostya416

jvanv8 wrote:I like the 'silent' claim a lot.
But for the price I don't see much of a reason to choose it over a Tacx Genius....

That's what people say until they try it. After that the attitude suddenly changes ;)

Short quote from one of the customers: "the trainer is awesome, I sold my (make a wild guess here) next day". The other rather lengthy review is here: . You can skip software part which is also somewhat outdated by now.

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